Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Disney World Bound

Last Saturday we headed to Disney World to spend the week with our best friends, the Hemphill's. We had an awesome time, tiring, but so much fun. Brittny has already started to post about the time so if you want to see her commentary please click here. Plus you will see different photos since I don't have the ones they took right now and she is way faster than I am.

So, I knew going into this that the drive was going to take us awhile since we had to stop to feed Zachary and let the boys stretch their legs. Having this mindset ahead of time made the trip less stressful for sure. Nicholas and Joshua were terrific the whole time. They watched movies, played with their trains and dinosaurs, colored, took a little nap and talked. It was fun seeing the differences this go around as compared to two years ago when we went. I wish I had a picture of their back seat set up, but I wasn't that smart. Oh well. The funniest thing Nicholas did was saying "are we there yet" or "how much longer" every couple of minutes it seemed. It wasn't in an annoying way, but Burt thought kids don't really say that and wondered where he learned it. It made me laugh. Zachary on the other hand did what any four month old would do being cooped up in a car seat all day long. He slept a little bit, cried some and ate. When we would take him out of the car seat he was so excited to stretch his legs that he normally wouldn't bend them. It was funny. It did pretty well though under the circumstances. We ended up making three stops, all at least an hour long, which made it a long day, but everyone stayed happy this way so I didn't care. We finally made it to the timeshare around 9:30 or 10pm I think, got everyone into their pajamas and off to bed. We had to be ready for our first day at the Magic Kingdom.

They loved putting coins in here to race and see them spin. Joshua now thinks to "spend" money means to go round and round, as in "spin".
So happy to put coins in and drive the car.

Focused on driving.

Ride 'em cowboy.

Entering Disney World. Definitely blurry, but had to get it.

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