Thursday, September 13, 2012

Joshua turned 4!!!!

Wow, I can't believe Joshua is four now and has been for awhile now.  This happened on January 3rd if you were wondering :-)  Craziness.  He is a hoot or hoot and a half as some might say.  He definitely keeps us on our toes.  He still loves dinosaurs, arts and crafts and making us crazy, haha.  He is very, very creative and has quite the imagination.  He makes me laugh many a times and has such the sweet heart.  He will make cards for his friends and family to wish them well, invite them to parties that he is planning and to make them feel better when they are sick.  It is so cute.  He gives me lots of hugs and kisses and has started doing the same to Zachary (and now Lucas).  He also prefers to go commando (which cracks me up), but settles for boxers when forced and would rather be barefoot, but will wear crocs or flip flops, although these days he wears mismatched ones.  He definitely is his own individual and I love it.  He is a joy and a blessing to this family and I wouldn't change anything about him.  Love this little guy so much.

Birthday cupcakes we were going to take to school, but discovered school didn't start back on his birthday, but instead the following day when we were leaving for Disney World.  So, we ate them instead.  I don't think anyone complained about it. 

Here are the cookies we made for school instead upon our return.  I told you Joshua still loves dinosaurs right.  He did the decorating himself.  He also loves to bake that's for sure.  He says he would like to be a cake decorator when he grows up and he watches all the cupcake/cake shows with me if I let him.

We celebrated Joshua and Sophie's Birthdays together at our house.  They each told us the same kids from school they wanted to invite and with their birthdays so close anyway this was the perfect opportunity for us to celebrate together.  We won't have this chance every year so we jumped on it.  Joshua and Nicholas helped us decorate the individual cake that Brittny made for him, with Daddy's help too of course.  It turned out pretty cute and was fun to have Joshua be a part of it.

Joshua picked out the balloons for him and Sophie.  Brittny did a wonderful job decorating Sophie's cake, although Sophie had stronger opinions on how Hello Kitty was suppose to look.  Can you imagine Sophie stating her desires???? Never, she is too cute for that.  Well, let's just say she uses that cuteness.  Love her.
We got a canvas for the all the kids to paint while at the party and have something to take home.  This was an easy project for us to do and surprising enough they weren't that messy. 

 Deep in concentration.

 The big boys had to sit outside since we didn't have enough room inside.  I don't think they minded.
Some of the finished products.

 It was a beautiful day to play outside too which was nice. 
 Pizza and cake time.

 We were going to wait to open presents until after everyone left, but Joshua could not stand it anymore.  So, we went for it and it was crazy like we expected, but so much fun.  I couldn't stop laughing at him and Sophie tearing into their gifts and all the other kids trying to watch both of them and help at the same time.

Cutie patootie Blake helping Sophie.  All the girls had a crush on him and Joshua and him were buddies since they both loved dinosaurs.  Perfect!

 Pretty Birthday girl with her balloon.
 Silly Joshua with his new Clifford and party hat he had to have.  Love him so much!!!!

We had a wonderful time needless to say.  So glad we were able to do this with our best friends and that everyone enjoyed themselves.