Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ian's 2nd Birthday

Back in February we had the chance to celebrate Ian's 2nd Birthday.  Zachary was so excited to be able to see horses up close, but not too personal as they were behind an electrical fence. One day he will get his chance to ride on one I hope.  He enjoyed seeing his friends, riding a "horse" and eating snacks of course.  It was a wonderful morning out.  I was able to actually capture some cute moments of Zachary with the great party favor hats that Robyn had for everyone.  I need to steal the pictures she took of us getting close to the horses as I don't have any of those.  One day maybe I will get to that.  For now and maybe forever, these will do.  What a fun party!

 Not sure what he is saying to the cat, but he does love animals of all kinds so it has to be something nice right?

 Happy Birthday Ian!

 Ride 'em cowboy.

 Isn't he just the cutest thing ever!?!?!!!!  Love this little guy.

 Sweet Karlie.

 Aislinn and Ty with Zachary in the cool jeep that was parked outside.

Teagan, Karlie and Addison joined in on the fun.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Baby Shower

Before Lucas arrived my friend Amber threw a baby sprinkle for me.  I received lots of diapers, wipes, lotions and some new clothes of course for the little guy.  I am sure he will appreciate that since most of his things will have gone through three boys already.  Amber had snacks for all the ladies and a game for us to play which was lots of fun.  What a great hostess!  We all laughed and enjoyed an evening out together at her house.  It was so sweet of her to put this together for me and I appreciate all my friends who were able to make it to celebrate with us.  I am blessed with good friends who love on me and my boys.  Oh and at the end of the night Amber announced to us that she is expecting!!!!  Yeah, another little friend to join the mix. 


Okay everyone, I am about to add lots of posts I have had in draft form, with no pictures, that I am finally gotten around to adding pictures to.  Please excuse the events that you will be seeing from January in June, but I have to get them all on here.  I tried my best to have them done before Lucas arrived, but obviously that did not happen and I am still slow these days and frustrated when I try to download pictures numerous times and they don't get added.  Here's hoping it works this time around.