Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gotta hate those tan lines

Okay, I don't know that you can tell clearly from this picture, but Nicholas has little dots on the top of his feet from wearing his crocs. We put sunscreen on him of course, but when he has his shoes on this is what occurs. Good thing little boys don't care about tan lines. It is just funny to me that he now has "croc dots" on his feet. I just had to share.

When a toddler refuses to nap.....

Nicholas decided that he wasn't going to nap on Sunday afternoon. So, we told him he could come out and play, but by himself and no watching tv since we had some things to do. He played happily for awhile and then Burt got him ready to go out and play in the pool once he mowed the lawn. During that time, which was now almost 3:30 pm, Nicholas curled up on the couch next to me while I was feeding Joshua and this is what happened. He has never done this, but since he didn't nap I can see why. He finally passed out. It was cute, but frustrating to me at the same time. Burt decided to move him to his room and take a nap with him on the recliner. They both slept for another hour or so until I woke them so that Nicholas would go to sleep that evening. Why is it that toddlers think they know best......that is a question for the ages I think.
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Monday, June 9, 2008

Joshua- this and that

Hey, where is my chin?

My first plane ride- 3 1/2 months old.
I know, we are mean parents. Why take a picture when they are so sad, or mad depending on the case you ask, well, because we did it to Nicholas. Plus, in a weird way, it is kind of cute. I know, I know....

Much better picture. He was content to take a nap in the swing. Precious.

Can you see the elbow dimples???? Too cute.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Cool dude

Here is Nicholas's new tricycle. The handle on back is for us to help him since he can't quite get his feet all the way around on the pedals. He has fun trying though. Notice the cool boots he picked out to wear too and him contemplating life at our "river". I don't fight with him anymore on his fashion choices. Makes life a lot easier. I guess he was preparing himself for the mud he was going to ride upon. Nice thinking ahead for a two year old I would say. He is just too cute.

Who turned two? Blue knows.....

Okay, so a little, well, a lot late and a little cheesy title, but hey, I am not that creative. Nicholas loves, loves, loves Blue's Clues so for his birthday, April 12th by the way, that is what the theme was. When he woke from his nap and walked into the kitchen to see the decorations, limited at that, but still...he was so excited and just kept saying Blue, Blue, Blue, over and over again. It was cute. We had two of his friends over to celebrate with pizza and cake. We also opened presents that they so generously brought. It was fun watching them play and eat together. All and all a wonderful 2nd Birthday I would say. More pictures to come of his tricycle he received and the mud puddles he was able to play in later that day. He was definitely loving his birthday then!

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