Sunday, June 6, 2010

Visit with dear friends

The Hemphill's, minus Brandon, were in town for the week. Brittny, Christopher and Sophie came to see us on Tuesday afternoon. We had not seen them since the end of January I think which is the longest we have ever gone between visits. Way too long, but we all picked up right where we left off which is the greatest. Nicholas was very excited to see his buddy, but told me he was sad at the same time because Christopher is his best friend and he lives too far away. Sad, but precious at the same time. One day we hope to live close by, but for now we take what we can get.

Brittny brought us chocolate shakes from Chick-fil-a, yummy. The kids played together while we were able to talk and catch up a bit. They probably got every toy and game out imagineable within five minutes, but that is okay. They were enjoying themselves and not fighting so who can argue with that. Plus, I like when the toys are played with. When Burt got home the kids helped unload groceries, then he played with them some on the see-saw and Wii while we made dinner. We ate, played and talked more and then had to say goodbye. It was a wonderful time that's for sure and we look forward to seeing them again in the coming weeks when Brandon gets back from his medical mission trip. We also hope to be showing off a new baby boy to them at that time.

Looking at a construction video.

Miss Sophie was busy playing with her computer, too busy to be bothered. Isn't she the cutest. Sorry Brittny for showing off her belly and no pants, but she is so precious.

Christopher and Nicholas- the best of buds!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

We decided to take a trip to Atlanta to visit the Georgia Aquarium. I wanted to take the boys before the new baby arrived since I thought they would love it and this seemed to be the perfect weekend to go. Maybe our last little trip before becoming a family of five. We headed up late Friday afternoon and stopped for dinner at IHOP. Joshua kept stealing all my bacon, gets that from me I guess and Nicholas basically had cake for dinner with his chocolate chip pancake. They love eating breakfast for dinner and so do we. Nicholas was ready to get to our adventure as he kept asking how much longer. Burt didn't think that question would come at age four already. They did really well though. We got to the hotel around 8 or 9 pm maybe, thinking the boys would go right to sleep. Nope. They were so excited to explore the grounds and our room. They thought it was the coolest thing. We finally got them ready for bed and put them to sleep in the same bed. New adventure for sure. We had to rig it in case Joshua fell off and Nicholas kept complaining that Joshua was kicking him. Neither of them sleep very still or straight for that matter so we were wondering how this was going to work out. They finally passed out around midnight I think, but they did sleep through the night thank goodness.

Saturday morning we didn't get up until after 8am. This felt like sleeping in, even though we went to bed late. It was nice not to have the boys ask for a snack or milk at 6am. They didn't really even ask for cartoons, but we turned it on so we could stay in bed a little longer. Joshua actually slept until almost 9am so Burt and Nicholas went to get us breakfast during this time. We set them up a little picnic on the floor which they thought was way cool. We finally got dressed and ready to go and left around 11am to head to the Aquarium.

We got there in time to relax and have a little snack and enjoy the beautiful weather. We then headed in for our big adventure. The boys were very excited. Joshua was fascintated by all the fishes and would squeeze himself right up to the windows. Nicholas liked it too, but wasn't as intrigued as Joshua seemed to be.

We started off sitting inside as there were no tables available outside. Even when we found one Joshua did not want to leave his cozy spot. Burt could see him from where we sat so we let him enjoy himself and then he finally decided to join us.
Nicholas enjoyed the giant icee.

Enjoying the beautiful day.

Entering the building.

Joshua was ready to get up close.

They tried to catch the jellyfish as they swam down.

Our cute boys.

Where are all the fish going????

An attempt to get in a picture with the boys.

Joshua and his lollipop. He loved it and is so cute striking his pose.
Nicholas decided it was a fun place to climb up on too.

Funny boys.

Let's just chill for a little bit and watch the fish.

After visiting the Aquarium we headed back to the hotel. The boys took a nap on the way and then we got them ready to go to the pool for a little bit before going to dinner. They loved being able to swim. Hopefully Burt will be able to take them on the weekends a lot this summer. We will see how that works out.

Isn't he the cutest with the goggles on and him making his cold shivering face makes it even better.

Once we got them cleaned up from the pool we headed to dinner. We decided on a steakhouse so the boys could be entertained by them making the food in front of us, but when we got to the shopping center where it was and saw a Thai restaurant I was sure wishing we had not told them about the steakhouse. Thai food sounded really good and is much better in the Atlanta area. Oh well. And guess what, Nicholas was afraid of the fire, go figure, but Joshua was fascinated by it. After dinner we walked around Target a bit, picked up a few things and then headed back to the hotel and went to sleep. It went a little better, but we ended up playing musical beds this time around. We still got to sleep in though which was nice. The boys had me search for my Mother's Day Cards and then we got ready to go. For breakfast we went to Waffle House and then drove back to Montgomery. The boys slept most of the way which was nice. Since it was so early when we got back the boys played outside in the water for awhile with water balloons and washed the van down while I rested. It was definitely a wonderful Mother's Day for me and a nice getaway with the family.