Friday, January 25, 2008

I've made it to the Blogosphere!!

Hi, my name is Joshua Liam, and here are some pics of the first 2 and 1/2 weeks of my life here in the outside world.'s cold out here!

Hi mommy......this is much better....all wrapped up and in mommy's arms.

Yes, I am in deep contemplation of why did I ever come out???

This is my daddy...he looks pretty happy but I think because Football is on TV. maybe.

This is my Grammie and big brother.......boy....he is a BIG brother:)

I think that big brother is trying to kiss me but from the looks of him he might try to eat me:)

Friends that came to visit me in the hospital.

The cutest sleeping face in the world:)

And now....Funny "yet delightfully cute" Faces, Illustrated by Joshua Liam Khan

I'm going home!...Yippee......what's a home by the way?

And more to come.....later.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Here is our New Year's tradition photo with the Hemphill's. Each year there are more people in the photo. This year we have "Baby Hops" and "Baby Bump" added to the picture. January will be filled with great blessings for both our families once these little ones arrive on the scene.

We were able to spend New Year's with our great friends, the Hemphill's. This year we had the privelage of hosting them in our house for a few days. The past couple of years they had us over, so it was a blessing for us to be able to spoil them this time around. Nicholas and Christopher always have fun playing together and this time was no exception. We went to the mall and they rode the train and carousel and then after naps when the sun came out they were able to play outside. They played some basketball and played on the slide. Nicholas was even to slam dunk with a cast on his hand, very talented.

The boys were eating their snacks outside when Uncle Brandon starting snapping some more pictures. He asked Christopher if he was giving Nicholas a hug or wanted to say cheese and he ended up doing both. It was so cute. He leaned in closer and then we got the "see food" picture. Priceless.

And here is another picture of us all. We had such a wonderful time visiting and were sad to see them head back to Huntsville, but we know we will see them shortly. It is always nice to get together and we enjoyed having company in our new house. The boys played and played and were totally exhausted by the end of it. Hopefully they will sleep well tonight. Us parents also enjoyed the fellowship and some relaxation when the boys were sleeping. Good times had by all this New Year's.

Nicholas' cast

Well, I did say I would post a picture of Nicholas in his cast, so here it is. He is doing quite well adjusting to it. Still gets frustrated when he can't do everything he wants with it on and has been a little needy, but I am sure over the next three weeks he will get much better at everything. Bath time is also no fun. He loves to get in and splash around and he just can't do that right now. He did however get to play on his new slide finally with a little help from us to get up the stairs. He will have much more fun on it once the cast is gone. Just pray that his wrist heals quickly so he won't have to wear it after the next Dr.'s visit.

Merry Christmas!

After Nicholas went to bed I was finally able to put the presents under the tree. Our household was blessed to have so many gifts from friends and family for Nicholas and maybe there were a few under there for Burt and myself.

It was fun watching Nicholas rip open presents this year, although he did get sidetracked quite a bit so it pretty much took the whole day to get through all the presents. We finally opened some for him.

These three pictures are priceless though. Of all the gifts he received he probably enjoyed playing peek-a-boo inside this box lid the best. He squeezed his body in it and would pop his head out every once in awhile when we asked where Nicholas was. Silly kid.

This is the face of "I guess I shouldn't be standing on this chair now should I?"

Here are the new golf clubs Nicholas received from his Grandpa and Grandma O. He wanted to play with them so bad, but of course it rained outside all day, but we did let him take a few swings in the house. It was Christmas after all.

Family picture

Visit with the Carter's

The weekend before Christmas we were able to spend an evening with our good friends the Carter's. A wonderful meal was prepared by Melanie's parents and we were able to exchange presents with each other. The boys loved ripping open the gifts and rough housing with "Uncle Burt" while Ryan sat back and watched. I also enjoyed some time with the newest member of the family, Rose. What a cutie. All in all it was a great evening catching up and enjoying each other's company.