Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Merry Christmas!

After Nicholas went to bed I was finally able to put the presents under the tree. Our household was blessed to have so many gifts from friends and family for Nicholas and maybe there were a few under there for Burt and myself.

It was fun watching Nicholas rip open presents this year, although he did get sidetracked quite a bit so it pretty much took the whole day to get through all the presents. We finally opened some for him.

These three pictures are priceless though. Of all the gifts he received he probably enjoyed playing peek-a-boo inside this box lid the best. He squeezed his body in it and would pop his head out every once in awhile when we asked where Nicholas was. Silly kid.

This is the face of "I guess I shouldn't be standing on this chair now should I?"

Here are the new golf clubs Nicholas received from his Grandpa and Grandma O. He wanted to play with them so bad, but of course it rained outside all day, but we did let him take a few swings in the house. It was Christmas after all.

Family picture

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