Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sweet Heart

Yesterday afternoon/evening we had a get together with our neighbors to meet everyone and have a "party".  We told the boys this was happening in our front yard where we would have a cook out and they could ride their bikes while the adults talked and got to know each other.  When the party started and we headed outside Joshua stayed inside for a bit.  When he finally came out he had one of his stuffed animals and some wrapping paper.  He wanted me to help him wrap it up.  I asked him what he was doing and he said he needed to have a present for the party to give to someone.  He didn't know who he was going to give his stuffed animal too, but he just knew that he wanted a gift to give if we were going to a party.  So sweet of him to think of that and to take one of his toys to give to someone he was just going to meet.  I love him so much and his sweet spirit.  Just had to share since I am obviously so behind in blogging, but this was easy to post since there are no pictures to go with it, just this sweet, sweet story.  Our neighbors were very impressed too.