Tuesday, December 25, 2012

New blog

I had to start a new blog since I didn't want to pay to keep this one going especially since I don't post as often as I would like.  However, I am hoping I will be better in the new year.  Here goes nothing.


Come on by if you would like. :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Another one turns 2!

Okay, I needed to get this posted before the next round of birthdays start.  One day I really might get back on track with this, but for now you will just have to suffer with late posts.  Also, I actually wrote this up in June, just without pictures, so just go with the information :-).

Zachary turned 2 on June 11th.  Hard to believe, but not so much at the same time.  Zachary is definitely coming into his own in so many ways.  He is talking a lot more now and has the personality to go with it.  He is a climber which has proven to our disadvantage now that he can climb out of his crib.  We are now in the process of that transition which is not fun.  Our happy baby boy at nap and bedtime no longer exists.  It is now a battle and we have an early riser on our hands now.  He use to go down without a fight and just hang out in his crib for a little while by himself morning and night.  He would sing and play in there until he was ready to come out or go asleep.  It was heaven.  We will be so happy when this phase passes.  On a happier note, he makes us laugh and smile constantly.  He is a shoe lover- we never know where we will find our shoes as he enters a room with one pair on and exits with another one.  It is very funny.  He also has grown to love hats and loves loves loves trucks.  He has been in hog heaven lately with all the construction going on near our house.  He sees many trucks every day.  When they leave he gets very sad.  One day while on a walk Burt sat down with Zachary to watch the trucks.  When one left Burt said, "oh truck" and now Zachary does the same thing.  It is so adorable.  He also loves animals. He squeals in delight when he sees them or gets to be close to them.  On the other hand he can also give you the eye like no other.  He does it in such a cute way though that it just makes you smile instead of getting mad at him.  He doesn't even have to turn his head which is the funniest part.   I so wish I could capture that look for all to see.  He loves having his picture taken when he sees a camera.  He immediately says cheese.  When at the Dr. the other day he was pointing to a picture on the wall and I said it was a picture of some flowers and rocking chairs.  All he heard I think was picture because he started saying cheese immediately.  It made me laugh at the association he made with that.  With two older brothers he definitely has grown up faster than I would have liked, but to survive I guess that how it goes.  He wants to be like them so bad and play with them, but he destroys their creations too much for them to let him play with them all the time.  They do love him however and will play chase and wrestle with him from time to time.  He also loves to sing and dance and give Lucas lots of kisses.  Oh and ride bikes.  Oh my, how he loves to do that.  He would stay outside forever if he could.  I have to make sure the doors are locked and garage closed so he doesn't escape to do so.  He also loves his blankie and thumb.  The two go hand and hand.  All and all Zachary is such a joy (even though I could do without the whining and tantrums), just like the rest of them and I can't wait for the years to come.  Happy Birthday!

We had a water themed party for Zachary which turned out to be perfect, because wouldn't you know that it rained that day.  Go figure, but since everyone was in swimsuits anyway it didn't matter.  Yeah for that.  The kids had so much fun.

 Here is a glimpse of the "eye".

 Our cupcake dump truck.  Not too shabby.

 Ty really wanted to blow the candle out.

 Grammie and Lucas were also there.

Sweet boy all tuckered out.

Thank you Ty, Ian, Grafton, Elijah Brooks, Sophie, Christopher, Joshua and Nicholas for making my party so much fun (and the parents too).

Thursday, October 11, 2012

6 year old in the house

On April 11th our first born turned 6.  Hard to believe.  I still call him 5 sometimes (well, not anymore).  He has graduated Kindergarten, looks like he has grown a foot and over the past two months has lost three teeth.  He was beginning to wonder when he would ever lose a tooth since his best friend has lost so many.  Nicholas still loves his trains, but now has a new love of tiny little legos.  I was putting off letting him have them due to the little ones in the house, but decided he would be 20 before he could actually have them if I stayed on that path, so I decided to go ahead and let him get them. :-)  He can follow instructions on building something "real" or make up his own designs.  They keep him busy for sure.  He also loves to play soccer and tennis and ride his bike.  He learned to ride without training wheels soon before he turned 6 and hasn't looked back since then.  We have upgraded him to an even bigger bike which is just crazy.  He really looks like a big boy on it.  He would ride all day if he could.  He is a great reader and loves to do workbooks to keep his mind strong for 1st grade.  This is a blessing that I don't have to force it on him.  All and all Nicholas is such a smart, fun-loving, joyful, caring, spirited 6 year old.  I love how he is growing in the Lord and asking more and more questions and giving us insights that only children can give.  It is fantastic.  I pray he never loses that desire.

For his birthday we celebrated by having a joint party with his best friend Christopher at the arcades.  It was wonderful.  No real set-up or clean-up needed.  Simple, simple.  Brittny and I bought tokens for the kids to play the games with, had snacks and drinks and of course cake.  Everyone had a great time and it made our lives that much easier, especially since Lucas was only three or four weeks old when we had the party.  Fun was had by all.  And even better we planned it for when Brandon would be home to visit so he could partake in the festivities too.

Lego theme of course.

No, we did not make this cake ourselves.

Brandon playing with Christopher and Sophie.

Joshua and Daddy exchanging their tickets.

Nicholas was very into this game.  He also wanted to hold on to his ticket receipts.  You would have thought they were gold or something.

Olivia hit the jackpot of all ages.

Zachary joined in too.

Oh, and by the way, we do have a fourth little boy now, even if there are no pictures on the blog yet to prove it.  Here little Lucas is, although he looks nothing like this anymore.

Love the expressions when seeing the cake.

Notice that Nicholas still has the receipts in his hand even when blowing out his candles.

Kind of a group shot, but not really.  I need to go back and check Brittny's post to see if I can steal some of her pictures.

The birthday boys.  Couldn't get them to stand still long enough or smile at the same time.  Oh well.

Happy Birthday to the coolest 6 year old boys!  Love you both.