Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Here is Nicholas helping Burt take out the "guts" of our pumpkin. He had fun flinging it out onto the cabinets. Eventually it made it into the plastic bag.

Here we are getting ready to go to Publix to Trick or Treat. This is the finished Ninja Pumpkin. Thanks Marissa for sending this kit. It was so easy.

I think Nicholas is a little too happy to have gotten his monkey head off. What a stinker.

Here we are inside the grocery store waiting to get some treats.

Nicholas spotted the giant bunny rabbit.

Here he is giving him a high five. He didn't want to leave.

And alas, this is what a 18 month old monkey looks like running through the super market after eating a giant frosted cookie. He actually even slipped on the floor, but bounced right up. I wonder why. It was too funny watching him dance his way out of the store.

Mom's Day Out and we decided to have the kids dress up. Nicholas seemed to be the trouble-maker in taking the group photos. Guess that is why you take the pictures in the beginning of the outing instead of when it is naptime. Oh well, makes for a good story and laugh.