Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. Here are some pictures that capture the time we shared as a family and with wonderful friends. We started the weekend off on Saturday by going to a local church where Nicholas was able to run around like crazy and we didn't have to worry about him. They had slides, jumping things, games with candy as prizes, etc. We even caught up with some friends we haven't seen in forever and their new baby girl, Bennett. Then after church on Sunday we went to a friends house for lunch with five other couples and their children. We ate, talked, well between making sure kids were okay, had an easter egg hunt and then went home and passed out. All in all we were blessed that's for sure. Hope your Easter was just as happy. Enjoy!

Before heading to church.

Can you tell Joshua is already in love with his big brother??? He just wants him to pay attention to him. Too cute.

Nicholas hunting for eggs......

Once he had his eggs and opened them to find candy he didn't care about much of anything after that. Poor Cullen. All he wanted was for Nicholas to share with him. Who could blame him.

Family picture except Joshua was sleeping so.....

After he woke up we got all four of us, but Nicholas was no longer in a picture taking mood. It was way past naptime.

I tried to pose Joshua since he looked so cute.

And finally, Nicholas trying really hard to open his last egg for the evening knowing what he would find inside. Priceless expression.
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Monday, March 3, 2008

Isn't Bath-time supposed to be fun???

You can see who's having fun and who's not in these pics!

Big Bro! Why do you think that's actually helping the situation any??

Well, okay, that's kinda cool!!

"I cannot believe you and Nicholas put me through this daddy!!!!"
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Chillin' presented in different styles!

Now this is how I taught Nicholas to Chill

Joshua still has some catching up to do! (Maybe it's because his daddy didn't put the chair far back enough........ouch!)

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