Monday, October 5, 2009

A Birthday Prayer

Burt brought home a wonderful dinner tonight for my birthday, plus a chocolate molten lava cake. Nicholas was very excited about it being my birthday as he knows you usually have cake. When Burt came home Nicholas immediately asked if he brought cake home. One track mind for sure. He said he did and that he could have some after we ate dinner. As we sat down for dinner Burt asked if Nicholas wanted to say the prayer this evening and he agreed. This is how it went.

"Thank you God for Mommy's Birthday. Thank you God for Daddy bringing her a birthday cake. And thank you for it being closer to my birthday. Amen."

I was smiling from ear to ear and trying not to laugh. He knew what he wanted and what he was thankful for. His friend at school had a birthday Thursday so he is eagerly anticipating his. Little does he know he has six more months, his daddy's bday, his brothers bday and many more friends before that, but each time he will get cake and can be thankful it is closer to his birthday. Too precious. I love this boy. All four of us gathered around the cake, on one plate, with four spoons, and dug in. Joshua mainly played with it. Boy was it good. Happy Birthday to me :-)