Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Zachary turns 1!

On Saturday, June 11th our baby boy turned one. All I can say is wow. What a year it has been. Zachary is such an easy going little guy. I suppose you need to be when you have two older brothers to deal with. Don't get me wrong, he definitely has developed a little temper when you take things away or you don't pay him enough attention, but for the most part he is a go with the flow kind of kid. He puts up with us taking him where ever and when ever, which is very helpful. He sleeps great, eats great and is just all around fantastic. I love his smile and can't get enough of his laugh. Is there anything cuter than the sound of a baby laughing??? I am not quite sure. He took his first steps the Tuesday before his birthday. He is getting better and better as each day progresses. I am sure he will be walking in no time. He is also signing a few words when he wants to and from what we can hear, others might not agree, he is saying "da da", "all done", and "hi or hey". He loves to push his little car around, boxes or chairs or be on his knees pushing cars or trucks and he is starting to play more on his own when he is not trying to chase his brothers around or is being chased by them. What a joy he is to us all.

On his birthday we had a party for him. We couldn't go without celebrating even amongst the packing. We knew our friends wouldn't mind navigating around the boxes. It was so nice to have some of his little friends over to hang out and play with us. We had finger foods, drinks and cake, talked and let the kids play until meltdowns occurred letting us know it was time for naps. It was a lot of fun seeing them all interact and have adult time too giving us a break from the chaos of moving. Zachary's new car was quite the hit with all the kids. Hopefully the excitement of it will last for Zachary. All and all it was a great party and we are so blessed by the friends we are surrounded by. Thank you all for joining us in this special occasion and for the presents. Zachary loves them all. :-)

Happy 1st Birthday Zachary. We love you!

Why does Zachary have the same confused look on his face when taking a picture with us??? And I look pale, pale.

Not a home made cake, but it was cute none-the-less.

Chowing down on a pig in a blanket after already eating three, plus fruit and milk. (Recognize the shirt Brittny? It is a tradition now.)

Ian and Zachary

Aislinn and Zachary


Before cake time. Trying to get a good picture.

Yeah!!!! I am one.

Love his tongue sticking out. He definitely wasn't too sure about the cake thing.

Trying to get him to at least taste it.

Okay, now he gets it.

Still not sure he likes it though.

Slowly, but surely he gets into it.

Zachary was done at this point and started to lift the cake and throw it on the ground. That would have been fun.

Whoa, too much sugar. Classic.

Nicholas, Elijah Brooks, Teagan, Joshua and Aislinn enjoying cake. Ian and Ty were off playing I think.

Zachary loves his car.

Opening his gifts with a little help from his brothers.

Good times!