Monday, November 14, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Visits -picture overload :-)

This year we ended up going to the Pumpkin Patch twice. This would be because the first visit we ended up getting rained on and received a rain check to return. We still had fun while the rain was just a drizzle mist, but once we went to get our pumpkins and it became really hard it wasn't quite as fun, especially when you weren't dressed for it. Thankfully the big boys had rain jackets, but poor Zachary did not, nor did the parents. We survived though. Wish I had a picture of all us drenched, but we were too busy drying off inside and getting lunch to do so. Good memories that's for sure. And just on a side note, there were other crazy families out there in the rain too, people we knew in fact. :-)

Before leaving the house (pre-rain). A rare picture with me and the boys.

"Here is a pumpkin I can handle."

"Oh wait, this one looks much better."

"It is a little heavy though."

"Guess I will go back to the smaller one."

Tractor riding

The cow train.
"Wait for me!"

Fun in the hay bales.

Jumping is even better.

Daddy braved the cow train with Zachary.

More jumping.

Trying to pick pumpkins in the rain.

Our second visit was a much prettier day and the Hemphill's were able to join us on this go around. The boys were excited to be able to do all the activities again plus more that weren't open due to the rain. Zachary loved the animals and would squeal in delight at them. It was cute. The older ones loved the bouncy houses of course and the hay bales they could jump on and most of all the corn boxes where they could "cannon ball" into or just throw the corn wherever they wanted. It was a lot of fun.

Pure joy!

Christopher is the one above Nicholas.

Cutie pie joined in too.

Duck racing.
Zachary and his favorite Aunt Brittny :-)

Superman Christopher

The three amigos

Zachary seems to like to ride these backwards.

Playing in the corn.

Tractor ride to the pumpkin patch.

Sophie and her pumpkin.

Zachary and a little pumpkin.

Brittny, Sophie and Christopher

Family photo op. At least all of us are in it. We tried.

Petting the animals.

Zachary was very happy.

Our little farm animals.

Zachary wanted to go inside there so bad.

The corn box. End of the road for the day.