Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Zoo and Hanging Out

Three or four weeks ago Brittny and I took the kids to the zoo. The big boys were out of school so we thought it was the perfect time to go. The weather was great too which obviously the zoo folks thought about and had scheduled it to be a school day and senior day so it was a little crowded, but we still had a great time. We just had to keep a closer eye on the kids and couldn't let them wander as far which was challenging at times. Between the both of us we managed to get a few pictures here and there. I am stealing some from her, but you can see the rest at her post.

We walked around and saw as many animals as we could first, including the snakes, which are not my favorite, before stopping to eat lunch. We then took the train ride, visited a few more animals and then hit the playground. Thankfully by that time most of the school kids were gone so we could at least see our kids playing. Zachary was a trooper considering he woke up late and didn't have a nap before going and we didn't leave the zoo until 2pm I think. It helps he was entertained that's for sure. It was a great day.
We fed the camels first. Nicholas thought they were smelly apparently.

Look at that tongue!

Zachary the trooper.

He is very excited here that Aunt Brittny saved him from the stroller.

Yeah! The train. Always a hit.

Then, the weekend of the Florida/Auburn game we went over to hang out with the Hemphill's while Brandon was in town. The kids went back and forth between playing outside and inside and the adults were able to catch up in between keeping an eye on them. They play really well together so it doesn't take much looking after really except for Zachary. He has now discovered how to climb over the baby gate for the stairs so we have to rig it backwards so he can't use it to help himself over. Fun times. Brittny made taco soup and homemade guacamole which was delicious. The funniest part for me was being able to over hear a conversation between Sophie and Joshua. We always wonder what they are discussing and after hearing this I can only imagine what else they talk about. Here is how it went:

S: Joshua, what did you dream about last night?
J: blank stare, no answer
S: Joshua, what did you dream about last night? Was it me? :-)
J: No, I dreamed about my new house.

Sophie then proceeded to ask the same question to see if he would say her, but he still said his new house. It was so funny. I had to hold back my laughter. They are characters that's for sure. Love them!!!

It was a wonderful evening all around.

Go Gators, War Eagle. The kids were being taught both.

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