Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Church Christmas Program

For the longest time Nicholas kept saying he was not going to participate this year. He really wanted his best friend Christopher to come see him, but his sister had a program the same night. He knew all the songs though and I really wanted to hear him sing. We didn't push it, but kept a costume for him just in case. Joshua was excited to be in it and be a sheep. Zachary was a little mouse. On the day of the program they were able to get Nicholas dressed in his costume and he went on stage willingly. He and another little boy sang to their hearts content outdoing everyone else in the loud department. Imagine that. He was great. I was so proud of him for learning the songs and singing them this year in his shephard's costume. Joshua on the other hand decided to be the one that wouldn't sit still or sing the songs, but he was still cute. Zachary did very well by just walking up and down the stairs or staring at the big kids singing. He was very well behaved until he got hungry. That is when I crawled after him to get him a snack and sat back on the stage with him. I am sure it was a funny site to see a pregnant mommy crawling after her son. The program is always filled with surprises and laughter and this year was no different. Love these kids.
During practice.

Zachary was ready to take the stage before the play even started.

Cute little black mouse.

Daddy and his boys ready for their entrance.

Zachary was enjoying everyone on stage.

You can almost see all three boys here if you try really hard.

Nicholas singing.

Align Center
Zachary and Joshua hanging out.

Crazy Joshua roaming around.

Zachary checking out all the singers.

Jingle Bell Run/Santa Chase

On Saturday, December 3rd, Burt went to run in the Jingle Bell Run. The boys and I caught up with him after his finish so that Burt could take Nicholas and Joshua on the Santa 1 Mile Chase. They were very excited and all decked out in their Christmas PJs and Jingle Bells. It was cute. I wish I had a picture of their finishes, but I was taking a video instead. They came in around 15 minutes. After the race the boys did some painting/coloring while we waited to hear the results of the race from earlier. They were very happy doing that. I am sure we will be doing this again. It was a great event for a great cause.

All decked out and ready to go.

Little trooper.

Waiting at the start line.

Nicholas almost to the finish line.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


We were graciously invited to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with the Armstrong family up at the lake. We had such a good time visiting with Brittny's parents, her siblings and having all the kids run around and play together. There were 7 little boys and 2 little girls, so you can only imagine what went on. We enjoyed great fellowship and mighty tasty food. We love this family dearly and were grateful we could spend the holiday with them.

Turkey rice crispie treats me and the boys made. They were more time consuming than I thought they would be, but they were a hit with the kids so it was okay.

Playing games on the phone.

Zachary with the train set all to himself.

None of the kids wanted to sit at separate tables so it was decided to just put a blanket on the kitchen floor for them to eat on. They still all bunched up together. It was cute.

Washing off the mud. The kids had on rain boots, but somehow Joshua got stuck in the mud and then Sophie went to pull him out and fell in the mud too. We had to strip them down. They had fun though.

Zachary watching intently wanting to go out there, but we wouldn't let him. Such mean parents right.

Let's play some street hockey!!! There were a few injuries, but thankfully nothing major and each time the boys got right back into it after a few tears of course.

Fun on the plasma cars.

Pretty good family photo.

Beautiful lake view.

Daddy and Zachary.

Most of the kids watching intently as Kyle hits some golf balls into the lake.

It was a wonderful day spent with great friends. Happy Thanksgiving indeed!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our Little Ham

One night after taking pictures of my pregnant belly, Zachary decided he needed to pose for some pictures. Silly boy. Too cute for words.

Veteran's Day/ Thanksgiving Feast

On Veteran's Day, Nicholas' school held a program to honor the Veteran's and then had crafts and games afterwards. The Kindergartners got up and sang a song. Nicholas was the loudest of them all. It was too funny, but I am proud of him for knowing all the words and being confident in his ability.

The Friday before Thanksgiving their class had a feast where we all brought different items to contribute to the meal. We basically just hung out and ate, but it was fun nonetheless.