Thursday, December 8, 2011


We were graciously invited to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with the Armstrong family up at the lake. We had such a good time visiting with Brittny's parents, her siblings and having all the kids run around and play together. There were 7 little boys and 2 little girls, so you can only imagine what went on. We enjoyed great fellowship and mighty tasty food. We love this family dearly and were grateful we could spend the holiday with them.

Turkey rice crispie treats me and the boys made. They were more time consuming than I thought they would be, but they were a hit with the kids so it was okay.

Playing games on the phone.

Zachary with the train set all to himself.

None of the kids wanted to sit at separate tables so it was decided to just put a blanket on the kitchen floor for them to eat on. They still all bunched up together. It was cute.

Washing off the mud. The kids had on rain boots, but somehow Joshua got stuck in the mud and then Sophie went to pull him out and fell in the mud too. We had to strip them down. They had fun though.

Zachary watching intently wanting to go out there, but we wouldn't let him. Such mean parents right.

Let's play some street hockey!!! There were a few injuries, but thankfully nothing major and each time the boys got right back into it after a few tears of course.

Fun on the plasma cars.

Pretty good family photo.

Beautiful lake view.

Daddy and Zachary.

Most of the kids watching intently as Kyle hits some golf balls into the lake.

It was a wonderful day spent with great friends. Happy Thanksgiving indeed!!!

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