Friday, February 18, 2011


*I realize the next posts are totally out of order and late, but I still wanted to get them on the blog.

What a great day. The gloomy weather outside made it a perfect day to stay inside to open gifts, play with new toys, snack all day, watch movies and stay in our pajamas. We had a blessed Christmas Day for sure. It was so much fun to watch the boys. Each year changes how they respond. This year Nicholas opened a gift and then wanted to check it out for awhile, Joshua wanted to open all gifts, for everyone, all at once and Zachary just enjoyed the paper and boxes. Good times. Love them all.

Love how our star is tilting.

Goodies in the stockings.

Family photos under the tree become harder with more members.

"Chillin' with my homies"

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baby Blessing Day

On Sunday, January 16th, GracePointe honored the families in our church with new babies by dedicating them with praise and prayers by our elders and church family. It is such a wonderful tradition our church has to show us how much they care for our families and that they support us and will guide us in raising our children. What a wonderful way to show God's love for us when we look out into the congregation and see our "family" looking back at us and agreeing that they will be there for us. I love it. Robyn put together a wonderful slide show with pictures of all the new babies and a tear jerking song to go along with it. Many in the crowd were in tears. It is so fun to see the different stages of all the babies. Then all the families went up front along with the elders. Each of our families was prayed for by a different elder. We were honored to have our dear friend and elder, Philip Black, pray for Zachary and our family. It is a blessing to have someone that personally knows our family pray for us and be able to add those extra touches to the prayer that mean so much. He was able to give personal antidotes and didn't mind that our two older boys were at his feet doing who knows what :-) It was a special day indeed.

"Why are you making me take a picture. I am hungry and tired. Poking my eye out sounds more appealing to me, but hey, at least Mommy and Daddy look great."

Our friend and elder, Philip Black. Zachary cooperated a little more for this photo op.