Thursday, May 28, 2009

He just doesn't care

So, it has been four days since we started potty training with Nicholas and well, he hasn't gone in the toilet once. Thankfully he can hold it for pretty long so it doesn't seem like I am cleaning the carpet all the time, but geez, you think he would care that his underwear is wet. Nope. He pees, then comes to get me, says "mommy, come here", shows me where he peed and goes on with his business. He has only pooped once since Sunday, which is good and bad. Good since I only had to wash that out once so far. He looked pretty funny walking around in that. I haven't pushed him to sit on the toilet since he gets upset when I do so I am hoping and praying it will just click with him any minute and he will go himself. We will see. So, suggestions are always welcome. He knows the prizes he will get for going, but that doesn't seem to motivate him enough. Oh what fun.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tomorrow is the day....

we start to potty train Nicholas, cold turkey. We are not even trying the pull-ups as this hasn't worked past efforts. So, tomorrow, we are going straight to the underwear and not looking back. I know this is going to be tough and there will be many messes, but the pay off will be worth it. I have to keep telling myself this. Our pediatrician said this process usually only takes a week. His suggestion was to put him in the underwear and then don't prompt him to use the restroom. Just let him do it himself. When he has an accident don't make a big deal out of it. Just clean it up and move on. Sooner or later, hopefully sooner, he will go to the toilet knowing he doesn't get any attention from making messes on the floor. I pray this works for him. We did have a small glimmer of hope this evening when after bath time Nicholas went into the bathroom by himself, set up the stool, sat on the toilet and went pee. I only hope this continues tomorrow. We will see. I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

3 year old check-up

Solid, stalky, thick- one of these words was used to describe my dear little Nicholas at his Dr.'s visit. Now I know that the Dr. didn't mean it in a bad way since we usually use the word solid ourselves, it was just funny to hear it from him. He was very happy with his development and saw no problems in how "big" he is compared to other 3 year olds. He is a very active boy who just happens to have some muscles on him. He did give him a pep talk, however, about wearing big boy underwear. Nicholas is sooo not interested, but once we get back from Arizona this weekend we are going straight to underwear and no looking back. I will let you know how that goes next week. In anycase, Nicholas weighs 38.2 pounds (95%) and is 38.75 inches tall (80%). The nurse measured him twice. This is because he grew over 4 inches in a year. Burt and I knew he was getting tall due to his pjs being too short all of a sudden and standing over his friends, but 4 inches, wow! So, all and all a great check-up and we won't have to go back until next year bearing any unforseen illnesses.

Oh and I did say I would say a little more about Nicholas after this visit, like how he is such a character, one that can drive me batty, but at the same time make me smile and laugh like no other. He loves to sing, dance, play with his train set, hang out with his little brother, that is until he doesn't like something he does and then they fight, has the funniest expressions and is now in the questioning phrase. Every question now usually starts with "why" these days and nothing we saw answers it. He uses expressions like: "these guys", " I told you.....", "ah, you're kidding me", "do you understand", "I'm tall like daddy", and "I'm a strong boy", just to name a few. What a character. I love to hear him talk and use words I don't even know he understands, have such joy in singing, especially ones about Jesus, and watch him ride his tricycle up and down hills with no fear. There are so many things about him that could be said, but I will leave it with that, especially since I can't remember everything anyway. The main thing is that we love Nicholas with all our heart and enjoy all the time we get to spend with him.
The toddler bed and rocking chair.
This is now his room with the big boy twin bed and no rocking chair. It made me very sad to see this. He looks so small in the bed. He was a little sad too since the chair had been with him since birth, but now Joshua is getting to enjoy it.
Even though he has enough room in his bed now, he still always has something hanging over the bed. The other day I found him on his stomach with both his legs hanging over. Crazy kid.
Intently reading about all the Thomas the Tank Engine friends and accessories. He wants them all which I hope can be used for our benefit. Maybe this will help him potty train.
And just because, here are the cookies we made to take to his class for his birthday. Fun!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

To cut or not to cut.....

Joshua's hair is slightly long don't you think???? However, I don't want to cut off his curls, which leaves me in a bind. How do you shape it up at least, but not so dramatically that you lose the cuteness of the curls? I suppose a good hairdresser would do the trick. It is just a little scary. We will see when if this happens anytime soon.
I don't really have any good shots of the back of his hair to show you the curls, so these will just have to do. As his hair gets longer he ends up with more curls. They have now formed closer to the top of his head. Oh and you can also see the nice farmer tans the boys are sporting. Oh to be able to tan. This is with sunscreen applied too. Imagine what they will look like by the end of summer.