Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall Fandango/Fairy Tale Ball/Trick-or-Treat

The Wednesday before Halloween our church held its annual Fall Fandango. We have chili and hot dogs for dinner and lots of activities for the little ones. There was a cake walk, painting pumpkins, bouncy houses, Big Green Bus, hay ride, bonfire and Trunk-or-treat. Lots of families from the preschool attended which was great and Brittny brought Sophie and Christopher too. We enjoyed a nice supper and the kids had fun running about.

Why will they never smile at the same time?

So proud of his pumpkin he decorated.

Cutest penguin ever!!!

Trunk or treat

Best friends

Thursday the preschool had its fairy tale ball. The kids were allowed to dress up, but Joshua didn't want to. Actually, a lot of the boys in the class didn't want to. I think Joshua was still upset I couldn't find his dinosaur costume from last year to wear. Oh well. All the girls had on their princess dresses of course. At the end of the day they had yummy snacks and music playing to dance if they wanted. It was cute. They also read about the parable of the pumpkin and how cleaning out the goo in the pumpkin is what God did for us and we are to be the light of the world (candle inside). It of course describes everything better, but that is a very slight glimpse of the story. I definitely need to order this book for next year.
Enjoying goodies from school.

Avery Jean cracks me up.

Zachary ate Joshua's leftovers.

This is what happens when Joshua takes over the camera.

Pretty princess

Handsome prince

On Monday we took the boys to Deer Creek to meet up with some friends to go trick-or-treating. It was more like running from house to house, but they were enjoying every minute of it. They loved being able to knock on the door and yell trick-or-treat. I had to get onto Nicholas for saying he didn't want candy with nuts in it though. Picky, greedy.... goodness gracious. When we said it was time to go luckily they did not complain. Their buckets were full and they were tired too. Thank goodness. They were still able to get to bed at a descent time which was nice. They are already looking forward to next year.
Most of the kids on Halloween night.

Trick or treating


Brittny said...

Those pictures were great!!! And the cut out of the princess and prince are adorable!!! You'll have to send me those. So glad we could hang out with you for Halloween!!

Caroline Armstrong said...

Those pictures are awesome!!!!