Tuesday, June 24, 2008

When a toddler refuses to nap.....

Nicholas decided that he wasn't going to nap on Sunday afternoon. So, we told him he could come out and play, but by himself and no watching tv since we had some things to do. He played happily for awhile and then Burt got him ready to go out and play in the pool once he mowed the lawn. During that time, which was now almost 3:30 pm, Nicholas curled up on the couch next to me while I was feeding Joshua and this is what happened. He has never done this, but since he didn't nap I can see why. He finally passed out. It was cute, but frustrating to me at the same time. Burt decided to move him to his room and take a nap with him on the recliner. They both slept for another hour or so until I woke them so that Nicholas would go to sleep that evening. Why is it that toddlers think they know best......that is a question for the ages I think.
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Amanda G. said...

Oh yeah. Been there done that. Wait til it's a daily struggle to get a nap in. During VBS week you'd think T would have been wiped out. Well one day he was in his room for 1.5 hours talking and playing, but not sleeping. So about 4:30 I said ok come out and play. Well he had to go back for his "blankie" but then never returned. I found him in the floor next to the blanket asleep! Then we had to be at VBS by 6:30. He barely got an hour in and it was grumpy city til I got him to class. Whew! Hope he holds onto naps for awhile after this new baby arrives.