Thursday, October 21, 2010

Disney World- Day 1

Once the kids woke up they were ready and rearing to go, to do anything really. The putt-putt course was right outside our back door so that looked good to them. They ended up doing this pretty much every morning and evening when there was a spare minute. It was very convenient. So, since they were ready, us adults had to get ready too. We got dressed, packed our lunches and caught the bus to head to Magic Kingdom. We were all pretty excited. The kids loved riding the bus and the monorail (or bullet train) and laughed so much on the way there. It was too cute.

Once inside we made our way too see Minnie and Mickey. On the way a parade was about to begin at the Castle so we stopped to watch. Perfect timing I would say. Nicholas even got out of the stroller to dance.

Waiting for the parade start.

Castle shot

Cool guys on stilts.

Mr. Incredible

So enthralled

After the parade we made our way to the Goofy Roller Coaster. Nicholas remembered this from last time and was excited to go again.

First time on the coaster. Very excited can't you tell.

Zachary and Joshua hung out with me until the next go around.

My turn to ride with Nicholas.

Then Joshua took a turn with me.

The whole gang. Brittny, Sophie, Brandon, Burt, Zachary, me, Joshua, Nicholas and Christopher. What a bunch we are don't you think. So fun.

Joshua kept putting his Mickey sticker on various parts of his body. He thought it was hilarious. It ended up on his forehead as you can see.

Hi or stop, no pictures please. Love the lollipop in his mouth too.

Zachary loves his fingers.

My turn at the bumper cars. I told Nicholas to say "go speed racer, go" while we drove and so he did. He was so excited because we actually passed another car on the track.

Notice the change in driver.

We then stopped to eat our lunches and everyone went on the Buzz Lightyear Ride while I fed Zachary. Then the adults were able to ride Space Mountain. It was nice being able to trade off watching the kids so we could ride some cool things ourselves. We then headed back over to ride Dumbo again. By this time Joshua and Zachary fell asleep so I hung out with them.

I was trying to get a picture of Brandon and Christopher and he happened to be taking a picture of me hanging out at the same time.
Silly photo of Brandon.

After the rides we had to get a snack of course. We can't be deprived of treats at Disney now can we.

Enjoying some ice cream.

Poor Joshua missed out since he was snoozing.

Our sleepy head. Thank goodness he would nap in the stroller. What a blessing that was.

He looks so relaxed.

We then went back to the "ship" because Nicholas wouldn't stop talking about it. All it is is a place to run about and get wet, but he wanted to do it, so we didn't stop him.

Pure joy.
Our silly boy for sure. Hmm, do you think Burt posed him for this shot???
It was quitting time soon after this. The boys and Brittny rode on the train while Brandon and I took the little sleeping ones closer to the front of the park so it wouldn't take as long to get out when we needed to. I fed Zachary once again while we waited. Since all three boys were awake when we were leaving I wanted to get a picture of us in front of the castle. It didn't quite work out as imagined, but here they are anyway.

It was a great first day. Oh and I think Nicholas was pouting because he thought we were leaving for good. We had to keep reminding him we would be back. We were just leaving to go home for dinner and sleep and we would be returning tomorrow. So sad don't you think.

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