Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Disney World- Day 2

The families ventured on our own this morning since Brittny and Sophie had a date with the Princesses at Epcot. This was probably a good thing as poor little Zachary ended up having a blowout before we left and we had to change him and give him a bath before heading out. Fun start to the day I would say. After all the commotion we hopped on the bus and headed back to the Magic Kingdom. We headed to get fast passes for the Buzz Light Year ride so that I could take the boys on it this go around.

While we waited for our time to go we headed back to the Dumbo ride and the Carousel. While the boys went on those rides I headed out with Zachary to find a place that had funnel cakes. They met up with me and we enjoyed our treat, well most of us did. Joshua didn't find it too tasty. Why? I have no idea. Very strange indeed. He said it was yucky. Nicholas kept saying, " just try it, you will like it", but he didn't. Instead he drank most of the chocolate milk as his treat and was just as happy as the rest of us. After our pit stop we made it back to the ride. Me and the boys went on the ride and shot the aliens while Burt hung out with Zachary. I am glad I was able to go on it with them this time so that I could experience the joy Nicholas had from the day before when he went on it twice and got a high score.

After the ride it was time for Zachary to eat. Nicholas wanted to go back to the ship and playground so onward we went. There were benches for me to sit at in the shade so it was a perfect pit stop. Nicholas and Joshua ran, screamed, and played to their hearts content with all the other kids there. Burt told them to stop being so loud, but then realized we were outside, at Disney and a million other kids were doing the same thing. Fun.

After our playground time we met back up with the Hemphill's. We took the Jungle Cruise, the adults rode Thunder Mountain and Burt took Christopher and Nicholas on Splash Mountain. Us adults enjoyed our big kid ride while the boys loved their ride. They were so excited. Wish I could have seen their faces. Sophie and Joshua hung out with us gals and ate some lunch/dinner/snacks and somewhere in there took naps. After the boys were done we headed back to the room to have dinner. Joshua spotted the balloons once again on the way out and had to have one. I had promised the day before and after not getting it when we first entered I had to get it now. He was so happy he could hardly contain himself. I loved seeing the pure joy on his face. He enjoyed that balloon to its fullest extent. We made it back to the room, ate, played some putt-putt and enjoyed some cake before getting the kids into bed. The cake was an early birthday surprise for me. They brought the cake outside to the putt-putt and sang to me. It was cute and a nice way to end the evening. Once we got the kids to sleep we were able to sit and talk for a little bit before we headed to bed ourselves. Everyone needed their beauty rest.

Having fun with a fruit roll-up. Gotta love the goofy fella in the background.

Our sweet little ones taking a break.

On the jungle cruise.

Best friends. Aren't they just the cutest? They did this all on their own. We almost missed out on capturing it on film, but thankfully we didn't. I love it.

Joshua wanted in on it to, but hey, watch out for that lady in front of you.

The kids loved pinching Zachary's cheeks. Not too sure if he was keen on it though.

Joshua with his prized possession- a Mickey Mouse balloon.

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Stacey said...

Awww fun!!! We LOVE Disney! It is such a magical place for kids AND mom and dad! :) So glad you were able to go with friends too! It makes it that much more special. LOVE the pics girly! The kiddos are so adorable!