Thursday, September 16, 2010

What's in a name?

I am not completely sure how we got onto the topic of names last night, but here is how our conversation went with the boys on the way home last night from church.

Nicholas: My name is Nicholas Isaiah Khan
Daddy: Yes, that's right. Joshua, do you know what your full name is? It is Joshua Liam Khan.
Joshua: My name is Joshua Liam Khan.
Daddy: That's great son. What is Zachary's name?
Nicholas: It is Zachary David Khan. (lots of laughter has now ensued and boys are being crazy with questions and answers)
Daddy: Do you know what Mommy's name is?
Nicholas: Mommy Khan, Mommy Melissa Khan.
Daddy: What about my name?
Nicholas: Daddy Khan, Daddy Honey Khan. It is Daddy Honey Khan.

At this point we are all laughing like crazy. What a great response. Then Joshua added this comment.

Joshua: Daddy Honey Khan....that's so funny (with some fake laughter to give it added dimension).

Oh my, what a character. Nicholas did finally say Daddy Burt Khan, but boy oh boy did they give us a good laugh the whole ten minutes or less it takes us to get home. Wish you could have heard the conversation and the tone Joshua said his response in. It was priceless.


Lisa said...

That is too funny! Your boys are so cute. We'll have to get together again soon. Hope you're having a great week!

Brittny said...

that is precious!!!! i can totally hear that conversation in my head too! sophie likes to add fake laughs to what she thinks is funny too! oh, disney will be so fun!!!!!!!