Thursday, August 26, 2010

Days with Daddy

The past two weeks Burt took off Thursday and Friday to be able to spend time with the family. He wasn't able to take time when Zachary was born so this was perfect timing considering the boys don't start preschool until September. They (and me) needed something to break up the weeks.

The first Thursday I took Zachary to the Dr. while Burt took the boys to the pool. They swam and swam to their hearts content. I didn't see them until 3pm I think. Can't really remember what the rest of the day entailed, but it was fun. On Friday we were going to go to the pool in the morning and take Zachary, but the boys really wanted to go to the "big purple park". They had been talking about it for weeks, but it has been so hot and I wasn't going to go out there, especially with Zachary, for hours on end. Since it was a little overcast we decided to hit the park. The big boys went first while I stayed home and cleaned while Zachary napped. It was nice to get some things done without too many interruptions. We then headed out to meet them for a little bit. After playing some more we headed to Chappy's for lunch and then home for naps. After naptime we headed to the pool. It was still fairly nice out which was great for Zachary. The pool water still felt like bath water, however, but this was probably why he didn't mind being in it. We managed to stay for a couple of hours and he looked so cute in his bathing suit. Hopefully we will be able to go again soon.

Passed out from the park.

Pool time!

Joshua needed a break apparently to eat Doritos.

Hmm...what to do with the cheese on my fingers?

Guess I should lick it off.

Chillin in the pool.

Saturday and Sunday are a blur now, but I think the boys had fun with water balloons and got wet and then played in the rain at some point and got wet again. Fun times.

This past Thursday I had to go to the dentist and left Burt home with all three boys. He had it easy since Zachary slept the whole time I was gone. :-) I can't remember what else we did that day, but it might have involved the pool. Who knows. My memory comes and goes. Friday morning we all went to the zoo. It stayed overcast for most of the time we were there which was super. Our favorite animals of the day were the elephants that were bathing themselves with mud. Fun times. We then hit the playground for awhile before heading home. It is nice to have a season pass so when staying only a couple of hours you don't feel so bad. The boys had a great time and so did the parents.

She was out doing her morning exercise.
Joshua is our little monkey for sure.

Enjoying the wonderful playground.

Zachary slept almost the entire time we were there.

It was so much fun having Burt home and it has made the time fly by before the boys are back in school. I know we have weekends to be together, but they always seem so busy. It was nice to have two extra days to just be as a family and play and have lots of fun. There was much laughter, eating, watching movies, etc. Lots of good times. Then we had a friend over yesterday morning and went to a neighbors this morning so this week has been good too. Now if the weather would just start letting up we could go outside more and all would be even better.

Okay, that's the update for now. Gotta go get Joshua down for a nap before Zachary wakes up. Juggling routines is so much fun don't you agree. Oh, but I do have to say this praise.....Zachary is sleeping through the night!!!! It has been a full week of 10 or 11pm until 6:30am. So, I think I am safe to say he is sleeping through the night. This is terrific, although it doesn't mean I am any less tired, even though you would think so, but it does make it easier to get through the day without my eyelids closing on me. I am so thankful for his sleeping habits and that the older boys are doing pretty well too. Sleep makes everyone happier.

Our sleepy head :-)

Oh and I am trying to get him to use the pacifier, but as you can see his thumb is winning out. I do think it is super cute, however, a pacifier is much easier to get of then the thumb. We will keep trying, but I think we might just have another one in the family.

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Brittny said...

i LOVE the first pic of the older two passed out on the couch. there is nothing like being that tired, no matter how old you are b/c it always leads to some awesome sleep! i'm jealous that you've had a pool to go to and it looks like you have been all alone there. we have yet to find a good pool to go to. and zoos. how i long to live where we have a zoo and a kid friendly pool. i'm so glad you guys are having so much fun and we cannot see you soon enough!!!!