Friday, August 6, 2010


After feeding Zachary this morning Joshua wanted to hold him. I sat next to him as he prepared himself and held his hands together waiting for his little brother. He talked to him a little bit and then said he wanted to feed him. He rolled up his shirt exposing his stomach and said, mommy I want to feed Zachary from my stomach and tried to position Zachary's mouth in that direction. I wanted to laugh really hard, but held it together and said that was nice of him, but that only mommy's can feed babies. He was satisfied with that answer and rolled down his shirt. Now, the reason this is extra funny is because Joshua tells people that babies drink milk from bellies. I haven't told him otherwise. Not sure how to tell a 2 and a half year old the truth so I just go with it. It was too cute. One for the books.


Lauren W said...

Better let him think the stomach than the alternative. :-)

The Khans said...

I agree as Nicholas calls them "nibbles". Fun times.

Caroline Armstrong said...

#1 so funny he calls them "nibbles"
#2 Lauren is so right...better to just think milk comes from our tummies...LOVE IT!!!