Friday, April 30, 2010

Nicholas' 4th Birthday Party

I took Nicholas to choose his invitations about a week or so ahead of time thinking he might pick something other than Thomas the Train, but guess what, he went straight to Thomas. That's okay though since I had some stuff left over from last year that I was able to use again. He was so excited about all the other things he saw that he could have for his party, but I told him we would wait to get those until we knew how many kids were going to come. He was okay with that. The one thing, however, he was very adament about having were party hats. I didn't think he would actually wear them so when I went back to get all the party supplies I chose to skip the hats. Burt ended up having to get some the day of his party because he would not give up asking about them. And he actually wore his hat most of the party and his friends did too. So, in the end they weren't a bad purchase. Guess that will teach me to not listen to him, well, on certain things at least.

Nicholas couldn't wait to have cake, although we did make him hold off a little bit. And notice the party hat. He requested to wear it right away and it lasted almost the whole hour and a half. Impressive. I made the cake from scratch and put the icing on, while Burt did the masterful artwork. I think it turned out pretty cute myself.

We had his party the Saturday before his birthday (April 10th) at the park. We had around eight kids and a couple of siblings attend, along with a parent of course too. Pretty low key. Snacks, drinks, presents, cake, playing on the playground, swinging and a pull string pinata. Nicholas was most excited about the presents and cake. He couldn't wait to have either so we did that first. It was nice to just be able to hang out with everyone and not stress over anything big at our house. The weather was perfect and all the kids seemed to have fun.
Parents and children enjoying the swings before festivities.

Chase brought a couple of his trains with him so Nicholas and Cade thought it more fun to play with them than be on the playground.

DoYeon and her sister watching intently.

Cake time. And notice most of the kids did wear the hats and used the noise makers too. So fun.
Blowing out the candles. Joshua had to get in to help.

Diving into the presents. I was trying to read who they were from first, but that didn't really work. He got some cool gifts from all his friends. Very generous.

Kids enjoying cake and juice.
Chase, Cade, Joshua, Barrett, Belle and Brooklyn in the background

Michael T, Nicholas, DoYeon's sister, DoYeon

Playground time.

Matt generously "volunteered" to hold the pull-string pinata for us. Much better than using a bat that's for sure.
Kids diving in for the candy.

Joshua hiding his stash.
Retreating to a safe zone to eat candy in secret. So funny.

Everyone had a great time and the weather held up nicely for us. It was also fun to see Nicholas and DoYeon interact together outside of school. She is usually so quiet when I see her at school. His teachers always tell me how they play together and Nicholas helps her with her English probably since he talks so much, imagine that. They say he is so patient with her when he doesn't understand what she is saying. The other day they drew pictures of cookies for each other. Of course he never really talks about her to us, but her mom said that DoYeon always says how much she likes Nicholas. They chased each other around the playground with Nicholas saying, "I'm going to get you." It was so funny to watch. He now asks about kids speaking different languages and things like that. I am glad his classroom is diverse enough for him to have these questions and that all his friends are so wonderful. They all had a great time playing with each other and the adults were able to converse too which was nice. Overall, another birthday success. Happy 4th Birthday Nicholas!


Lauren W said...

So fun! It looks like you had a beautiful day for a party. I cannot believe Nicholas is 4 years old. I hope he had an absolutely wonderful birthday.

Caroline Armstrong said...

you can't get better than nice weather at the park for your birthday! Happy birthday little guy!