Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Weekend

What a wonderful weekend we had. So much fun and a great blessing to enjoy the resurrection of Jesus. This holiday season we made sure to emphasize the meaning with the boys, especially everytime they mentioned going on an Easter egg hunt. Nicholas was also learning this in school and at church so I kept asking him about it all the time. It was so neat to hear Nicholas explain the sad and happy news of the weekend.

On Friday we went to a friends house for a playgroup. We decorated cupcakes, made chicks out of handprints, enjoyed a picnic of yummy food with friends and of course had an Easter egg hunt. The boys had a great time and ate lots of sweets.

Yummy cupcake creations. They kept wanting to add more frosting once they licked the top layer off.

Our little picnic lunch.
Joshua found a tree limb to swing from.

Sunday morning the boys were so excited about going to church that they were pretty cooperative in the getting ready department. We took some pictures beforehand and then headed off. The boys were able to go up on stage and listen to an Easter story and sing a few songs. The boys of course didn't sing and they were the ones causing commotion during the reading, but hey, they were cute. And wouldn't you know that Nicholas sang the song from church all afternoon at home. He is weird about public appearances I guess. Joshua wasn't very quiet in service so I ended up taking him in the hallway until it was time for their class, but it actually was better as it was so hot in the sanctuary that I thought I might pass out. We had a wonderful service full of praise and worship and filled with all of our church family.

Nicholas was being such the big helper in trying to get Joshua to smile. Aren't they just the cutest little boys ever?!?!

Our best attempt at a family photo.

Right after the service the kids went on their Easter egg hunt. I barely made it out there to see Nicholas pick up any eggs. His basket was already full. Such the speady hunter. I did see Joshua though and it was fun to see the difference a year makes. They then went to eating candy which basically was their lunch although Nicholas did eat a sandwich and Joshua ate an orange so I guess that is good considering. I was exhausted after lunch so once Joshua went down for a nap so did I. Burt and Nicholas washed cars and did yard work. How nice.

Gotta go before my brother gets all the eggs!

Enjoying their treasures.

I hid the Easter Baskets Grammie left for the boys while we waited for dinner to keep them occupied. They enjoyed sorting through their goodies and putting money in their piggie banks. For dinner Burt made a pork tenderloin and mashed potatoes. It was so nice actually lounging around for the day and remembering the sacrifices made for us to have an abundant life. What a special day it was with our little family.
The basket is almost as big as he is.


And last, but not least, since Easter represented my 30th week mark, I decided I would post some pictures of me and my belly and my fancy Easter dress. Enjoy.


Robyn said...

You look beautiful! As do your little boy Easter bunnies!

Caroline Armstrong said...

I just cannot get over how old the boys look!!!!! I mean, I have obviously seen them in your other posts, but wow the look so big all of a sudden! Maybe it is becasue they are about to be big brothers??
And I think your family picture turned out beautifully!