Monday, April 19, 2010

Brotherly love

Isn't it wonderful when siblings start to really enjoy each other?!?! I certainly think it is. We moved the boys into the same room almost three months ago now. It is going fairly well except for the fact that Joshua loves his new freedom of the toddler bed and doesn't go to sleep as easily, but once he is asleep he usually stays that way. It seems as though since the boys have joined rooms they have become closer. They spend time in their room playing, jumping on the beds of course and Nicholas is being sweeter to Joshua by asking him to play with him, helping him with puzzles, etc. It is so nice to see this side of them. Don't get me wrong, they still fight of course, but seeing the brotherly love emerge warms my heart. I just love it. I pray their bond grows closer and stronger everyday. I don't have any good pictures of their room yet since we still haven't finished it and am not sure when it ever will be, but here are a few cute pictures of them and a glimpse of the new set-up.
I am not sure what Joshua is thinking of his new bed.

This is how I found Joshua one evening. Nicholas had already fallen asleep, but Joshua was fighting bedtime and staying in the room. So, I closed the door and he cried for awhile. When I finally went in to check on him he was sleeping next to Nicholas. At least I know Nicholas won't wake up when someone is crying in his ear. I moved him to his own bed afraid Nicholas might kick him off, but it was a cute sight.

Nicholas was so nice to Joshua at Pump It Up. He helped him up the stairs, held his hand and always wanted to know where he was.
Can you tell Joshua loves be like his big brother???

Monkey see monkey do. They don't look graceful at all, but eventually this turns into a flip.

Random pictures I know, but this was the best I could find on them playing together. Gotta get better at snapping those photos.


Brittny said...

so funny!!!! caroline just posted too and said the same monkey comment. how hilarious! i think their boys are doing better now that they share a room too.

Caroline Armstrong said...

monkey see, monkey do is right!!!!! that is too funny, and so sweet how Joshua got in the bed with Nicholas. We moved Hunter and Drake in the same room in December and it is going great. I am soooo glad we did it! The first few week were a little rough, but now it is wonderful!

Lauren W said...

See, aren't you glad you're having another boy? He will fit right in, where as a girl would be like, "Mom, get me out of here!"