Thursday, October 27, 2011

Zachary's first haircut

We finally did it. The mullet was getting much to long and the sides were covering up his ears. We figured he needed a haircut before people really started to question if he was a girl (although I still get that sometimes). So off to see Heather we went. Here are some before, during and an after shot. So grown-up now. (It has now been about three weeks since we cut his hair).

Yes, all our boys must go through this phase.

This is his standard look. Pouty lips are in don't you know. :-)

The lollipop helped him sit still for just a tad bit longer, but sure did leave a mess.

We didn't actually take a picture after the haircut, but this was the next day. You can tell it is shorter, well, at least I can, especially around the ears.

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Caroline Armstrong said...

Oh my goodness that is so cute! all your boy are just precious!!! And I love those pics of the sleepover....those are some classics!