Monday, October 24, 2011


Last Friday night we had our first sleepover experience. Burt picked Christopher up after work and brought him to our apartment. The boys immediately went to the room to play trains while I made dinner- french toast and bacon. We all sat down to eat and then were planning on watching a movie. Joshua was the only one who ended up doing this. Nicholas and Christopher were too wound up and just went back to the room to play. Around 730 we decided to get them all ready for bed and had them in the room by 8. Nicholas and Christopher were being too rowdy so Joshua came out to see us. We decided to put him in our room to fall asleep and then move him once the boys passed out. Christopher started off on Nicholas' bed, but we quickly learned that would not work so we made up his palate on the floor. Around 845 the first cry happened because of a "stuffed animal" fight. Not a huge deal. They quickly went back to playing, laughing, whatever boys do. I thought for sure they would tire out at some point, but no. At 930 I finally decided they had enough fun for the evening and went in their to lay with them until someone fell asleep. By 945 they were asleep. They certainly took advantage of the sleepover rules I suppose.

The next morning we got up, had breakfast and then got ready for the soccer game. It was interesting trying to add one more child into the mix of dressing and getting out the door for a 9am soccer game, but we did it. It was crazy for sure, but we enjoyed it and are so glad Christopher felt comfortable enough to stay with us and not want to go back home. Brittny said he was so excited to come over that he kept packing more clothes saying he would be here until Halloween and then waited by the door for Burt to pick him up. Too cute.

Trying to go to sleep.

Joshua fell asleep in our room.

We then moved Joshua to his room after the big boys were asleep. So peaceful.

Since last weekend went so well we told Brittny she had no choice but to send both kids home with Burt after work. She deserved a night off by herself and a chance to really sleep in. The boys went straight to the trains again while Burt took Sophie and Joshua to get the pizza and a movie. We ate dinner and then the kids went back to playing. Zachary tried to get in the mix too. We then attempted to get them to watch the movie to settle down. They did for a little bit and then just played. At 7 we got them all ready for bed and started to get them in their "beds" at 730. Sophie and Joshua set up sleeping bags in the living room where I hung out and Christopher and Nicholas were in the bedroom where Burt stayed for a little bit. I figured this would ensure the kids actually went to sleep at a decent hour this time. The boys still had some rowdy time, but were asleep by 815 I think. The "little" ones were asleep by 745. Good times had by all. I see lots of sleepovers in the future in our new place. We can't wait for the house to be finished.Big boys sleeping in the room.

Smaller ones in the living room.

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Brittny said...

That is so cute!!! Thanks for putting that on there to see. The kids had a blast!