Tuesday, October 18, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten and Preschool

Nicholas was a champ on his first day. I was still pretty sick so my mom helped him with breakfast and getting dressed, but I did get up to see him off and take pictures. Burt took him to school, as he does everyday now, along with his best friend Christopher. They had a chapel service before class begun. Burt said I would have cried for sure during this since he even got choked up. He said Nicholas walked right into class with no problems at all. Such a big boy. Burt walked the boys up to class for the next week or so. Then they wanted to start having them walk up on their own. Burt wasn't too sure about this :-). I ended up taking the boys to school one morning and told them I wasn't going to be able to walk them up. Nicholas replied, "well, I wanted to walk up by myself anyway Mommy." Okay then. He is enjoying school and we are so grateful for a wonderful teacher and learning environment. There are only 8 kids in his class which is great and everything they learn has an emphasis on God which is wonderful. We are blessed to have found this little school.
Typical response to picture taking.

A little better, but not sure why he had to stick his bottom out.

Much better. What a big boy. He looks so old here.

Daddy and son off to work and school. Too cute. I love that they have this time together in the mornings now.

I picked him up from school and took him to get Nancy's Italian Ice. He told me all about his day while enjoying his treat. (A couple days later when in the van and I asked about his day he said "good" and that was it. When I asked if he would tell me anymore he said it was a secret unless I took him to get ice cream. Nice, bribery from a five year old.)

Joshua was pretty lonely without Nicholas around so I thought for sure he would be excited to go to preschool the next month. Not so much. He enjoys it once he gets there, although he tells me he didn't have a good day, but I know better. It takes effort to get him dressed and out the door and into the classroom, but I am praying this will get better soon (which it has). He likes to help the teacher so we are trying to have things for him to do to transition him into the classroom in the mornings. It seems to be working even though he still wants me to stay with him. We will see how long this lasts. At least I know he is in capable, loving hands. (He is doing much better these days. He likes for me to stay a little bit, but doesn't hang onto me when I leave and he enjoys knowing the activities for the day. His way of staying in control I think. He loves block time and when they do cooking/art with Ms. Kristy. He is always smiling when I pick him up so that is a good sign for sure.)

It rained his first day so he was able to use his rain coat, although he still insisted on wearing flip flops. We have lost one of them recently which he is sad about. He would go barefoot if he could.

Playdough is always a big hit.
Burt picked Joshua up from school his first day and took him for ice cream just like Nicholas, but that picture is on his phone.

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