Monday, October 10, 2011

Imaginary Parents

Okay, so we all have heard of children having imaginary friends right. Well, Joshua has taken it to a whole different level and has invented imaginary parents. He is very adament in his discussions with us about them and about us, his real parents. Burt was thinking we should be worried, but when telling Shea Lea about this (our friend and preschool director), she said it is probably due to all the changes recently in a short period of time. Over the past three months we have moved out of our house and into an apartment, told him that we are going to add another baby to the family, Nicholas started school leaving him alone, and then he started preschool without his brother being across the hall. I am praying that once we get into our new house and are more stable that his imaginary parents will disappear or at least not be such a big presence anymore.

Here are some of the details of his "parents".
- Their home is in San Diego (well Joshua's too)
- There was a flood that damaged their home
- They went on a vacation while the house is being fixed which is why Joshua is staying with us
- Not sure if his parents know us since apparently they just found our number and called us
- Another version is that they floated away during the storm, but will be back and Joshua floated all the way to Montgomery
- Burt is suppose to fly to San Diego with Joshua with his tools to help fix the house
- They don't like Sophie (our best friends little girl) which is why they say he doesn't have to go to school, but he is allowed to have play dates with her (He even told Brittny this and she told him she was going to have to have a talk with his "parents" to which he laughed)
- He has three brothers and three sisters and two babies
- They live in a big enough house to have visitors (a one bedroom, but two beds, one for the adults to sleep in and one for the kids)
- Nicholas is either his friend or his cousin
- Joshua tried going back to San Diego, but he got lost at the airport so he needs someone to go back with him. Burt and I are not allowed to, but Brittny, Christopher and Sophie are invited to have this honor
- Anything we say that he doesn't want to do, or go to or eat, etc., his "parents" say he doesn't have to

As new details emerge I will be sure to write them down. I don't want to forget this. Burt wishes he had an imaginary friend, however, since it is hard to compete with his imaginary parents. Good times in the life of our little three year old. He keeps us entertained and on our toes for sure. Love him even if I am not his mommy, but he does still give me kisses :-).


Brittny said...

I am so glad that you wrote all this down. I think it is hilarious!!! And I don't think it's that odd that he has imaginary "parents" instead of "friends". Maybe b/c I'm be all paranoid that he didn't have any real friends and that's why he had to make them up. I truly enjoyed talking to him about his other family and sorry if I added to the problem, but we had the best discussion! I love that kid like my own!

Erin said...

Okay, absolutely hilarious Melissa! Good for you for writing it all down. I am sure it will pass soon :)
So good to see y'all today - even if it was pouring down rain. Good times!

The Khans said...

I think it is pretty funny too, except when he uses them to not to do stuff :-). You didn't add to the problem Brittny, as it really isn't a problem per se. I like that he gave you more information. Filled in the blanks for us on some of the details. And he loves you too! It is great to have friends that are more like family.

Erin, it was great to see you today too. You look great. Hope we can catch up for real one day soon.

Lisa said...

Wow, those are a lot of details about these parents! :) He has a very active imagination, which is a great thing. It's neat to see how creatively kids cope with change sometimes.

Caroline Armstrong said...

You will be so happy you took the time to write this out one day!!!! I have to say, he sounds quite creative!!!!

The Khans said...

Yes, he definitely is a creative one.