Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nicholas' Party

I am pretty sure for the past year whenever someone would ask Nicholas when he was turning 5 this is the response they would get---"I will be 5 on April 12th at Pump It Up." It was the funniest thing ever. Can you guess where we had his party??? That's right, Pump It Up. We decided that for this special year we would go big. He was a little confused, however, when his actual birthday came around and all we did was take cupcakes to school and go bowling. He thought for sure that is when we would be going to Pump It Up. It was hard to explain we had to wait till Saturday for the party. Many other children had the same issue so I was glad it wasn't just me. In anycase, he was so excited for his party he couldn't stand it. Saturday afternoon couldn't come fast enough. It was nice for us too since I didn't have to clean the house before or afterward. We did make his cake and goodie bags, but that was pretty painless. We had about 13 kids and their parents and everyone had a wonderful time. Burt took Zachary down the slide once, but he didn't like that so much. We raced the boys on the obstacle course, went down the slide and played basketball. Boy did we get a workout. The kids were all pretty sweaty by the end of it. It was nice being able to go and play with Nicholas and not worry about anything else. After playing we headed to the party room where Nicholas was able to sit on his "throne." Barrett and Sam kept asking him what they should do. He commanded them to sit and eat cake. I think that was pretty nice. He loved sitting there, getting all the attention, being served and opening his gifts. It was a wonderful 5th Birthday Party if I do say so myself.

When I asked Nicholas what he wanted on his cake he said trains, aliens and dinosaurs. Two out of three aren't bad right? I think this was a pretty good idea to incorporate the themes.

I wish I could post the whole series of these pictures. Hilarious is all I have to say.

His Majesty
Best attempt for a family shot.

Nicholas loved the party, his friends being there and all the gifts he received. Thank you everyone for making it such a special day for him.

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