Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nicholas turns 5!!!!

Oh my, oh my. How is it that my little boy is 5 now? It seems he has grown up overnight. He is developing into such a little man before our very eyes. We are so proud of him. I just can't believe that he is getting so big and will be starting school in the fall. Scary. He certainly keeps us on our toes these days with his questions, his expanding vocabulary and reasoning skills, mathematics and jokes galore. He does, however, still snuggle up with us :-), makes us laugh and loves to laugh and will twirl anyone's hair, including his own. He is also a great big brother (most of the time) and a great bowler. We took him bowling this evening and he scored a 107. Way to go. We also enjoyed chili cheese hot dogs (his favorite and choice for dinner) and cupcakes. He also took cupcakes to school to celebrate with his friends. Sounds like a pretty good way to spend a birthday wouldn't you say. What a fun day indeed. We love you Nicholas. Happy 5th Birthday!!!!!!

Eating dinner. My Aunt and her grandson, Parker (our cousin), visited for the week so they were able to join in the festivities also.

That cupcake must be good.

I wish this was in focus, but it is too funny. I wonder what they were telling each other.

Nicholas was so excited. I think this might have been when he got a strike. Yes, that's right, a strike.

Now, you can't count Parker and Joshua's score since we, meaning, Nicholas most of the time, finished their rounds, but it is true I had a lower score than my 5 year old son. He also bowled over 100. What a champ. Burt said he might have to take this up again since Nicholas enjoys it so much. Better save money for that hobby :-)

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Caroline Armstrong said...

I cannot believe he is 5!!!!
Also, did Burt REALLY SCORE 201!!!! AMAZING!!!!!