Thursday, May 5, 2011

Joshua's Bday party

Better late than never :-) I have had this waiting to post and figured since I just posted about Nicholas' birthday this would be a good time to add this on here.

We went low key on this one. It is hard to think of things right after Christmas and when it is cold out. So, we decided to invite Joshua's friends from church to join us at Burger King for lunch and cake. It was perfect. They were all able to play while us adults could sit and chat a bit. Win win I think, plus no real clean up. We had a few balloons blown up too that were quite the hit. All and all a pretty good 3rd Birthday Party I would have to say. And on his actual birthday we went bowling. It is becoming a tradition.

Enjoying his cupcake.

The slowest ball ever, but it did the trick.

Happy 3 year old.

The wonderful design job by Burt. Joshua loves his dinosaurs.

Who knew balloons would be such a hit. The little things.

Aren't they cute eating at the little tables with party hats????

Wish I had a close up of the candle. It was a dinosaur too. Very cute.
Blowing out the candle.

Gift time.

And this little cutie pie was also there.
Can you guess what was going on here? So glad to catch it on camera, haha.

Cute dinosaur tattoos.

The birthday boy. Precious. He is Dino Mite. Love you Joshua!!!!

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