Sunday, May 15, 2011

Easter- Take 2

Easter was a wonderful day as always. We started the morning off with a yummy breakfast made by Burt and then the traditional picture before heading off to church. The service was wonderful. We listened to testimonies, beautiful praise songs and a sermon on what this day really means. It was a little tough at times for me to hold it together since my Grandma passed away the day before, but if you can't cry at church, where can you???? It was exactly what I needed this Easter Sunday.

After church we headed to the Roberson's. They are gracious enough to host families in their home that don't have family in town. We always have a great fellowship time and food of course. The kids couldn't wait to do the Easter egg hunt, but we held them off as long as we could so we could eat our meal. We then let the kids "out" so they could hunt eggs and eat candy. Zachary and Addison watched intently and then played with empty eggs in the grass. After the egg hunt we took our group picture and family pictures and then hung around a little more to talk and let the kids play. It was another wonderful Easter. Oh and what was even better was listening to Joshua tell us the story of Jesus dying on the cross and Him being resurrected on the third day and Nicholas singing the new song he learned in regards to this. Priceless. Burt said he had to hold back his tears. We never want the boys to lose the true meaning of Easter. It was a glorious day indeed.

Family picture before church. Can't you tell the boys love to do this? Ha.

Mommy and her boys.

Easter Egg Hunt at the Roberson's. Claire and Joshua got a head start on the other kids.

Here are the rest waiting and now ready to grab as many eggs as they could find. I love these shots.

Kathy looks like she might trip over Dawson's leg if she isn't careful. It makes me laugh every time I look at it.

Not sure what was so funny, but Burt obviously thought it was. Zachary not so much.

Surveying the goods.

Sweet Addison enjoying the grass and trying to eat it.

Zachary really wanted the egg Addison had.

The whole crew. The Roberson's are so gracious to allow us to bombard their home on Easter. We love it and they must love us!

All the kids. We added two more to the bunch this year.

Second attempt at a family photo. One day the boys will smile on command. :-) I do love the pictures though. It is always nice to have family photos of any kind to look back at.
Another wonderful Easter to add to the books!

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Caroline Armstrong said...

Oh I HATE it when the blog does that...makes you redo the whole darn thing! But it was worth it. you had some incredible pictures and a great post!!!