Monday, June 1, 2009

Curls, curls, curls

Well, I haven't had Joshua's hair cut yet and this is why.....
Aren't they just too cute! I keep having second thoughts about his hair, but deep down know something needs to be done with it. At least have it trimmed around the ears and up top so it doesn't hang in his eyes. I realized this after this morning from being outside in the heat for a couple of hours. His hair was pretty out of control. So, I guess I will be calling the hairdresser tomorrow, but only a little bit will be taken off that's for sure. Oh and when I was taking pictures of him he kind of sounded like he was saying cheese. This is the face he made when saying that.... And last, but not least, here is his mug shot, but I think it shows some of the curls pretty nicely.

1 comment:

Brittny said...

i'm going to be honest, it's a curly mullet. sorry, i love curls as much as the next mom, but when a boys hair either turns into a mullet or they are suddenly confused for a girl, it's time to trim. like you said, not much though. they are pretty!!!