Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Joshua!

Joshua turned one on Saturday. I can't believe it actually. The year went by so fast. I know I say that a lot, but this year really did. How could my little boy already be one??? He is definitely developing faster than Nicholas which I deny all the time, but it is true. He has been walking for a month now, which is almost two months sooner than Nicholas, is throwing balls, picking up a bat and trying to hit the ball, and just this morning I saw him try to kick the soccer ball. Crazy. He wants to be like his big brother sooooo much. He is also eating and drinking like a champ, signing "more" and "all done", when he feels like it that is, making the car noise, oh and is climbing on anything he can. That is a new one. Joshua also likes to throw mini tantrums now when he doesn't get what he wants. That is always fun. He has two bottom teeth and is trying to cut an upper tooth which has made for some cranky days lately. He also has curly hair that goes in every direction. He must have gotten both our wavy hair genes. Just have to let it fall wherever it wants to. All and all he is a wonderful little boy and keeps us on our toes that's for sure. I love to see how the boys are differing as they grow up and in many ways how they are the same. I can see many fun days ahead :-)

We went to the Dr.'s this morning and all is well with Joshua. He weighs 20pounds 14 ounces (20%) and is 29.75 inches long (55%). This is almost five pounds less than Nicholas was, but the same height. Guess you can tell how much Joshua moves now!!
Oh and we did have a little party for Joshua on Saturday, but I will have to post more about that and the pictures a little later.


Lisa said...

Wow, can't believe he's one already! He's not a little baby anymore, such a big boy. Hope y'all are doing well--we need to get together soon!!

Stacey said...

Happy birthday little man!!! You are growing up to be such an adorable little guy!!!