Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

What a day is all I can say. Nicholas loved opening presents this year which was so much fun to watch and Joshua did try to open a few, but then would get sidetracked. He wanted to play with his toys, but Nicholas said everything was his and would take it away. Fun age don't you think....We stopped to eat breakfast (french toast and bacon) and then for Joshua's naptime. After nap we got back to opening presents, although we all became overwhelmed with all the stuff on the floor. We should have cleaned up a bit as we went. The boys quickly lost interest in the chaos and just went to play with what was out. Nicholas ate lots of candy all day and Joshua got his hands on some too. All Nicholas wanted from Santa was a purple treat that you could eat. Not sure what he had in mind, but Santa did manage to find a purple bag of M&M's and a purple bag of sweettarts so that made his day. He also got a scooter and a million other toys and clothes. Thanks family and friends. Joshua also got a car to ride on along with toys and clothes too. Nicholas and Burt took an afternoon nap together, precious, and I got a little nap in too after Joshua went down and then after he woke up Burt watched the boys while I continued to sleep. We had a wondeful day hanging out as a family. I hope you all were just as blessed as we were and are. Merry Christmas!

Handsome boys

Hanging his ornament from the childrens ornament swap.
Our loot before unwrapping.
Trying to keep Nicholas in bed a little longer.
Trying out their new rides. Gotta love Nicholas with his pant hiked up. He insisted on it being that way.
We tried to get our Christmas morning photo with the kids. Not bad considering all things.
Somehow Nicholas found a gift to open that contained chocolate. When we turned around this is what we found. The box opened, spilled and two boys grabbing for candy. It was too funny.
The disaster area.
Cute baby boy in his 1st Christmas outfit.
Our tree with all the loot unwrapped. Oh and Santa put the star on top for me too. Better late than never.


Jeff B said...

The cutest ever!! I'm sure you had a blast. :)
Love, Grammie

Lisa said...

Hey Melissa,

Cute pictures! I'm so glad y'all had such a good Christmas. Hope you've recovered by now! :)

By the way, I've tagged you on my blog to list 6 random facts about yourself. Feel free to join the fun if you want--no big deal if you don't!

Lauren W said...

How fun!! It looks like you guys had a great Christmas. The boys look adorable with their toys.

Stacey said...

Those are great pictures!!! I'm so glad you had a wonderful Christmas!! I love the Cars scooter and Joshua's car - that car is too cute!!