Friday, January 16, 2009

It was one of those evenings....

when you want to go look outside to see if it is a full moon. One crazy thing after another happened this evening that made me wonder if someone was watching me.

First, Nicholas was scaling the living room window and somehow broke off our safety attachment for the blind cords. Not a huge deal really, but that was just the beginning.

When I was making dinner Burt arrived home with some groceries. He had opened the pantry door and when he returned he found Joshua sitting on the floor with a sleeve of crackers, eating like a mad man. You would have thought he was starving.
After dinner we had a little reprieve until bathtime. As I was filling the tub up Joshua walked in ready as always. I started undressing him and by the time I was getting to his diaper he was trying to climb in himself. I stopped him, but then for one brief instant he ended up getting through my hands and was heading over the side head first. Thankfully I caught him before he hit the water, but I about had a heart attack. This action prompted Burt to move the crib to the lowest level. He certainly is our little daredevil and climber. Oh, I forgot to mention that before he got into the tub he peed on the carpet since I had to actually change his diaper since he had a surprise in it for me when I took it off. Nice.

Once the boys got out of the tub they both ran into the living room. As I was drying off Joshua I looked over for a second and saw that Nicholas had peed on the carpet, however, what was more disturbing is what I saw when I looked over at him. He was actually holding on and peeing on the tv cabinet. I have never seen him do this and I was in shock I think. Burt ran in after I yelled at him to stop. When I told him what he was doing he had to hold back his laughter when telling Nicholas that is not okay. Boys, goodness gracious. I am sure this is only the beginning of interesting things that will be happening. What a night is all I have to say.

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Lauren W said...

Yikes!! I hope you slept late the next morning.