Thursday, August 28, 2008

2 days, 3 countries, 4 planes later.....

We made it safely to Trinidad. Praise God for that. What a crazy time it was getting to our final destination to see Burt's family. There is so much I could say about these two days, but for now I will try to just give you a brief synopsis of the trip here.

Wed morning-

-3am we picked the boys up from their slumber and transfered them to the van. Nicholas was in and out of sleep the whole way to Atlanta. It took Joshua 45 minutes to go back to sleep.

-6am we arrive in Atlanta, the boys are awake now.

-8:30am we board our flight and head to Miami. Burt and Nicholas fall asleep while I tend to the active Joshua. He finally falls asleep when we are almost there. Of course that would happen.

-11:00 We eat lunch at the airport and wait for our next flight to San Juan. It is delayed, but we can still make our connection.

-2:10 pm we board the flight and are ready to go. Then we end up sitting on the plane for 45 minutes with no explanation and then they tell us there is maintanence problems- wet carpet to dry- what!!!! Now we will miss our connection, there are no more flights to Trinidad, but if we get off there is one from Miami at 7pm. Two problems, our bags won't get there til Thur night and they won't get our carseat and stroller off the plane. Great, now we have to go to San Juan.

-Get to San Juan around 7pm, have to stay in hotel, buy diapers and wipes. Crazy lady at the airline customer service desk wondered why we got on the plane knowing we would miss our connection. Hello, we weren't going to miss it until we got stuck sitting on the plane. You think we knowingly would have done that.

6:30 am- boys wake up, eat breakfast, quick shower, repack.

10am- head back to airport where the lady there says we need to pay for our baggage. I don't think so considering we didn't have to yesterday and this was there fault for having us stay overnight. She finally figured out what happened and checked us in without any problems.

11:30- board flight back to Miami, yes that's right, back to Miami.

3:00pm- get to Miami, hang out until our next flight

4:30pm- get on plane to Trinidad, had to drag Nicholas on kicking and screaming saying no plane, no plane. I don't blame the poor kid. He settled down once we got him in his seat and ready to watch a video. He also hadn't taken a nap so you can only imagine.

8pm- arrive in Trinidad, thank you Lord. Stand in line for immigration clearance. Nicholas consequently has had enough of traveling and proceeds to loose it with one constant tantrum. Tired Immigration officer, seeing the mayhem in our line lets us go through the diplomat line where there were only 2 people. This was great considering there were five other flights that arrived at the same time so we would have been there forever. We then gather our bags and stand in another line forever. Joshua falls asleep and then Nicholas finally gives it up and falls asleep. We pack up the cars and head to his brother's house.

11pm- get to the house. Nicholas transfers great, but Joshua eats again to fall asleep. We talk for a little bit with his family and then pass out ourselves.

Wow, and that is the short version. At least we all made it in one piece. I will follow-up with our trip in the next post.


Martha said...

Oh my. You are tough to handle all that! You go girl! M

Amanda G. said...

And I thought taking 2 year old Taylor to Africa was hard! I think it took you longer to get to Trinidad! Crazy.

We only had one major delay (our first flight of course...left us sitting in ATL for 5 hours! then we had to RUN to next flight in Miami. Our luggage didn't catch up for 2 weeks, but that's a whole other story. :) After we finally made it overseas I just remember Taylor decided to take naps in the next 2 airports instead of airplanes where it would have been much more convenient.

The good thing about all that crazy flying is that Taylor LOVES airplanes now (go figure) and he gets mad when daddy goes on one without him!