Tuesday, September 9, 2008

On the move

Well, it is official. Joshua is now on his hands and knees to crawl instead of the army crawl. He started on Sunday and is getting better at it everyday. When he needs to get somewhere really fast, like to chase after Nicholas when he takes a toy away, he resorts to the army crawl, but he is definitely crawling. Fun times. Only a month earlier than Nicholas I think, but it seems a ton earlier than that to me. Is it normal to think that way???? I guess it is also do to the fact that he is already pulling up on things and trying to walk along the couch. That is almost three months earlier than Nicholas. Crazy kid. He wants to get somewhere that's for sure.

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Lauren W said...

No way!! That's awesome. I don't know how you're breathing. And I didn't know you guys went back to Trinidad. You are a very brave woman, that's for sure.