Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Joshua!

(Photo taken by AME Photography)

Sweet, sweet Joshua. How can it be you are already 3 years old? So crazy. You are such a character and your personality shows more and more everyday. You certainly are your own little man. You crack me up with your facial expressions and funny sayings and at the same time can make me crazy with your whining, but I love you so very much. Right now you love anything associated with dinosaurs, games and your little brother Zachary. You would touch him and love on him constantly if I let you. It is the sweetest thing. You can definitely be strong willed and test the limits, but at the same time you break down if someone looks at you wrong. Oh the drama you can bring :-) But you also bring such joy and laughter to our household and melt us with your big green eyes. What more can we ask for except that you grow everyday in the Lord and never forget how much your mommy and daddy love you. Happy Birthday Joshua!!!!!


Erin said...

AWWW! What a sweet post and PRECIOUS picture of him!

Brittny said...

We love you like our own sweet Joshua!!! Happy birthday to you and we love seeing how much you have grown and how adorable you are! Who knows, maybe one day we will actually be in the same town permanently and we can spend all of our birthdays together! We love you smiley boy!!!!!! XOXO