Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Decorating

Here are some photos of the kids decorating the tree and the final product. They did a pretty good job. I had to fix a few that needed to be on sturdier branches, but overall they were great helpers and loved doing it. They were very excited to hang ornaments and used "non-ornaments" to decorate the tree also such as hanging monkeys, string and crafts from church that probably should have gone on a door. Such a festive tree indeed.

Gotta love the brighter lights on top.

The boys kept rearranging the figures in the manger so I decided to just leave it be. One of the sheep climbed the ladder. Smart one he is.

Five stockings this year.

Hanging their ornaments from the ornament swap party. Joshua is very intent on finding the right branch for his treasure.

We also decorated a Gingerbread House. The boys really enjoyed this.

Cheesy smiles with their sides of the house.

And a just because picture. This is his genuine smile. Such handsome little boy.

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Brittny said...

so sweet! so glad we got to see you guys... twice over Christmas. can't wait to see you again!