Monday, May 17, 2010

Second Easter Celebration

On Sunday, April 11th we had our second Easter celebration at the Roberson's. This was their fifth year hosting families from our church. It is always a blessing to get together with all our friends and celebrate this special occasion. We had six families this year. There was lots of good food and conversation, plus an Easter egg hunt for the children. The weather was beautiful and everyone had a wonderful time. I didn't get any pictures of the food, but here are the Easter egg hunt pictures.

Waiting for the kids to come out.

David was ready to go.
Here come the other "small" kids. They got to go first.

Cullen and Anna Wren

Joshua filling up his basket.

I didn't even realize where Nicholas was until this point.
Nicholas digging deep in the bushes.

Counting eggs to see if we had our limit.

Trying to get a family picture.

I think we were looking at Betsy's camera by this point. Maybe hers turned out with less shadows.

All the kids were very interested in seeing the group shot after it was taken. Gotta love Dawson's cool shades!

Joshua didn't really nap after this fun-filled day so he passed out before we even got him to bed. It was a blessed day indeed.


Brittny said...

that last photo is awesome!!!! i love that little man! it seems like we haven't seen you guys in forever. hopefully we can get together soon.

The Khans said...

I hear you! I still have Christopher's bday present. Sad times. We miss you guys tons.

Lauren W said...

What a fun tradition. That's such a great idea. And I love the picture of the 4 of you.