Friday, July 11, 2008

4th of July Weekend

Warning: This is a long synopsis and many pictures follow. Skip the writing if you want. Hey I will never know right!

We were able to spend our 4th of July with our wonderful friends the Hemphills. We drove to Florida on Thursday night hoping that the boys would sleep the whole way and we could just transfer them to bed once we got there. That didn't quite go over the way we intended. Joshua did sleep most of the way, but then we ended up missing the turn we should have taken and it took us an extra hour or so to get to the house. So, needless to say, by that time Nicholas had had enough, wouldn't fall asleep and ended up waking up Joshua. By the time we got the boys to go back to sleep it was around midnight. Fun. At least we made it there in one piece.

When everyone got up on Friday morning the boys started playing right away while the parents tried to wake up from a not so restful night. The babies were off on their sleeping times so we ended up just hanging out at the house all day which was just fine with us. We sat around and talked and played with the boys while getting ready for a 4th of July BBQ. A few of the neighbors came to join us also. We ate and ate and talked and talked and watched as the boys played in the dirt and the big boys played horseshoes. Then we went to watch fireworks, well, what we could see before the kids had enough and needed to go to bed.

Saturday morning we got up and ready to head to the beach. I rode with Brittny on the way over there. We were able to have a nice talk without running after kids which was refreshing. Not that I don't enjoy being with the kids, but it is nice to have an adult conversation without an interruption once in awhile. We were at the beach for about three hours and then headed home for naptime. After naps we stayed in and played and ate again of course.

Sunday morning we went to the splash pad on base and watched the boys run about in the water and at the playground. What joy they had on their faces. The babies took a nap while Brittny and I chatted. We then went home, had lunch, took naps and then ate again before heading out. We had such a wonderul time with Brandon, Brittny, Christopher and Sophie. It was great to see their new place and enjoy a weekend with friends. The kids love playing together and the adults get along well too :-) So, that is the brief synopsis of the weekend. Below are a few pics of our time. To see others please visit the Hemphill blog. I have tried to put different pictures from them on this blog.

Chillin' on the couch watching cartoons.

The beach....

Splash pad fun.

The boys showing off their muscles. Gotta love their expressions. Priceless.

Sophie and Joshua playing together. Aren't they just too cute!

Hey Christopher, where are you going with my ride???? They didn't want the party to end.

After leaving the Hemphill's we went to see our friends the Carter's. The plan was just to stop by on our way out, but we ended up spending the night there and leaving at nap time Monday morning which worked out fine too. Joshua slept the whole way and Nicholas watched Finding Nemo and Baby Einstein. He fell asleep ten minutes away from home and slept for another three hours after that which was fantastic. Ryan and Melanie hadn't met Joshua yet so it was nice for them to see him and we were able to see their five children and how big they have gotten since December. Nicholas had tons of fun playing with the big boys and running about their new house. It has a wonderful backyard which we hope to utilize in the future when we are able to stay with them for a weekend. It was definitely a short visit with them, but nice to see the kids and talk to Ryan and Melanie for a few hours at least. The kids had been sick which is why we weren't able to see them before Sunday night. Next time.....
We didn't get a picture of all the family, but here are three out of the seven. Ryan, Ethan and Rose.

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