Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Yesterday I took Nicholas to the orthopedic and they were able to take off his cast, yippeee! He had it on for five and a half weeks so he became slightly attached to it. Poor little guy. When they took it off he kept looking at his arm, rubbing it, and then looking at the cast on the table and wondering why it wasn't on. He also said "go" to everyone who walked into the room since it did tend to freak him out when they used the saw to take it off, can't blame him there. The Dr. said the wrist healed very nicely, but to be careful the next couple of weeks since it could break again pretty easily. How do you tell a 21 month old to be careful???? I had to laugh when he told me that. We will see how that goes. Burt was very excited that he doesn't have to wrap up the cast anymore for bathtime, but Nicholas was once again sad about that. When we said it was time for a bath he rubbed his arm like he had been doing signifying time to put the towel and tape on it. We told him he no longer has to do that, but he didn't get that until he got in the tub and was able to splash around like he used to. I think he is over the attachment to it now. On to being the full force crazy, active little boy now.

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Alison said...

At least Nicholas let them use the saw to cut his cast off. Sean was so freaked out by the saw, he pulled the cast off both times. The doctor was mad that I couldn't 'control" Sean and MAKE him have his cast cut off. Time has shown he was no worse for the wear.

Glad to know Nicholas survived it all in stride.