Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Some December happenings

Okay, yes, I know it is February, but I need to get these posts in, preferably before the baby comes.  So, here are some pictures of things that happened in December.

McWane Science Center- a train and dinosaur exhibit.  Our boys were in heaven.
We went with my cousin, her husband and two sons, my two aunts and their husbands and my mom and step-dad.  A fun adventure for sure.

 My cousin's son Preston.  Nicholas and him loved making designs on these boards.  Very cool.

They could have dug for hours I do believe.

 The other little guy on the end is Parker, my cousin's other son.

 Zip line

 Zachary having fun with the light up pegs.

 "May I drive you somewhere?"

 Joshua loved this experiment.

 Tug of war.  I did try to help Joshua, but that picture may not be shown. 

 This was at the entrance.  I do believe they could have watched this all day too.  The museum is a very cool place to go.  We will be returning there.  You could spend forever there.

Pictures with Santa

Party at Mrs. Leann's to decorate gingerbread houses
Mrs. Leann had extra decorations out for the kids to use, plus provided us with a wonderful lunch and great company.  It was nice to get together with the parents outside of school and Nicholas was excited to spend an afternoon at his teachers house.  He gave her a big hug when we left.  So sweet. 

Birthday Parties
Jeff was able to get Ian to sit with Santa, but no such luck with Zachary even though he squealed when he saw him come in.

Enjoying yummy cookies with frosting to celebrate Ella Harding's bday.

He was content playing with Eli's toys while he opened his gifts.

Not too sure about diving in.  He was very reserved.

Zoo lights with the Hemphill's
I don't have many pictures of the actually lights since the kids were of course running around like crazy, but it was a fun evening.

Zachary was not fond of sitting with Santa.

Christopher had a magazine full of trains to share with Santa.

At least we kind of got a smile out of Joshua.  Nicholas didn't even want to sit with him at all.

Sophie was the most excited and the cutest of course.  Love this little girl.

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