Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree.....

Christmas Tree a hunting we went last weekend. It was actually still fairly warm that evening in comparison to this week, brrrrr. It was also the perfect time to go since most people were in their homes watching the football game. We went to a new place down the road this year, smaller, but they had some beautiful trees. I found one I really wanted, but it was way too big for our little house. One day maybe. The tree we did find, however, is just as beautiful. The boys enjoyed running around and playing hide and seek for a little bit. Good times. I love the smell of fresh Christmas trees.
No nap sleepy boy, but we did awaken him.

Zachary was enthralled with the trees.
Nicholas wanted to be in the picture too.

Hide and seek

Our Christmas Tree

Nicholas didn't want to smile so instead he did crazy faces. Not sure where he gets this :-)

Joshua did his best at holding Zachary. He sure does love "touching" him.

Just Joshua's size. He wanted to take this one home.

The Christmas tree's home inside our home pre-decorations.


Lauren W said...

You're lucky. Rob refuses to get a real tree. I fought it for 3 years and then gave up. I will just covet yours from afar. ;-)

Lisa said...

Beautiful tree--even more beautiful family! The kiddos are growing up way too fast! Maybe after the holidays when things calm down (yeah right) we can get together for a girls' night out. Hope you, Burt and the boys have a very merry Christmas!

The Khans said...

Hey Lauren, while you are in town you can always come see the tree up close and personal :-) And Lisa, you are too sweet. We definitely need to catch up soon.